Knox Buxton & Brooke jeans

30th March 2016


Brooke | Spectra | CE armour | YKK Zips®


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knox buxton and brooke jeans



Actually, the heading should be "Knox Buxton & Brooke jeans with Spectra". But we didn't have the space for all that, so we abbreviated it. However, seeing as you're here now, we'll get on with the news item...


These are new jeans from Knox. They're made from 12oz Cordura® Denim and feature an abrasion resistant lining called Spectra® "which is one of the world's strongest and lightest fibres".


If you want to get chemically technical, this stuff is fashioned from UHMwPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). Knox tells us that this material is 15 times stronger than steel. But we think that means it's 15 times stronger than steel weight-for-weight.


Regardless, it's all supposed to be pretty tough stuff, and we believe 'em. What's also significant about this Spectra material is that it's claimed to be the first time that it's been used on motorcycle jeans.


You also get a pair of Knox Lite Plus CE knee protectors, a pair of hip protectors, and YKK Zips®. And most importantly, you get to save a lot more skin when you slide down the asphalt.


If you're a bloke, you'll want the Buxton style. And if you're a woman, you'll want the Brooke—unless, that is, you've got a very unusual physiology and/or have a more unique way of presenting yourself to the world. We think the names ought to be a bit more macho, such as "Nuclear" or "Schwarzenegger" for men, and "Margaret Thatcher" or "Tough Bitch" for women. Think that would help sales?


Well, maybe not.


Buxton jeans are available in S to 3XL with an inside leg of 33-inches. The Brooke jeans are available in sizes 8 to 18, with a 32-inch leg. Knox also offers an alteration service.


And the price? £199 including VAT. That's pretty tough too, but it's a lot less painful than a skin graft.



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