Öhlins recall appeal

4th March 2016


TTX GP | TTX RT | TTX36 MkII | Locknut


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Ohlins shock absorber recall

If you're running a bike fitted with an Öhlins shock absorber/damper, you might want to pay attention to this news item. In March 2015, the Swedish company initiated a recall having identified a locknut problem that, we understand, could cause the unit to come apart.


The recall has managed to get hundreds, or even thousands of dodgy dampers off the roads. But it's not enough. Apparently, there are still a large number of units out there that Öhlins would very much like to have returned.


Specifically, the units are marked or are otherwise identified as belonging to the TTX GP, TTX RT & TTX36 MkII series.


Ohlins shock absorber detail


Motorcycle dealers and technicians are, in the main, well aware of this issue and will know what to look for and how to deal with the issue. So if you think your bike has such an Öhlins shock absorber/damper fitted, check that nothing is loose, and then carefully ride the bike to your dealer. Better still, have the bike transported by other means. Or just remove the unit and have it checked.


And remember to inspect any other Öhlins shocks you might have kicking around in the garage or shed. If you forget them today, you might remember them tomorrow at your peril.


Meanwhile, here are a couple of web addresses that might help. Just don't take a chance on this. Check it out.





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