Ex-display team Triumph TRW

August 2015


For sale | 500cc | Sidevalve twin | Military bike

Triumph TRW 500cc



Talk to classic bike dealer Bill Little, who's offering the (immediately above) bike for sale, and he'll tell you that he can't confirm that it really is an ex-display team Triumph. But it's hard to imagine why anyone would have created this purely for the hell of it.


500cc-triumph-trwSpecifically, it's a c1950 500cc Triumph TRW as used by British (and overseas) military forces, and, as you can see, it's equipped with front and rear seat pads, plus a generous parcel rack.


Additionally, the wheel spokes are beefed up and fitted with securing nuts to help prevent the spokes from popping out under load. And no doubt there are other clues awaiting the keen eye of the amateur (or even professional) motorcycle detective.


We haven't looked too closely into this machine. But if you're interested, you can talk to Bill and check out some of the other photos he's got, and then ask a few searching questions and make your own deductions.


If you can find out exactly where this motorcycle fits into biking history, and if there's a story to tell, there just might be a little earner here. The asking price is 5,850. You can find Bill Little lurking in the backwoods around Swindon, Wilts. Meanwhile, check the rest of his stock. He just might have something else that grabs your attention.



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