BSA A10 Golden Flash

1949-1963.  650cc OHV air-cooled twin.  
Super Rocket, Road Rocket, Rocket Gold Star (RGS), Super Flash.



BSA A10 Golden Flash Pros


Performance: 95-100mph. Cruises happily at 55-65mph.

Looks: Overshadowed by variants in the range (RGSs, etc).

Reliable: Generally good. Odd problems. Roadside fixes.

Braking: Not bad for a 60s British twin. Good front drum.

Handling: Surefooted rather than fleetfooted. Plodder.

Sound: Solid, loping British twin. Pleasant. Reassuring.

Spares: Everything is available, but not all new.

Re-sale: Buy wisely, and you can always flog an A10.

Investment: High for the RGS and Super Flash variants.

Economy: 55-60mpg. Maybe a little more.

Maintenance: They're not rocket science. Manageable.

Tuneable: Plenty of speed options. 120mph possible.

Tyre wear: Expect high mileages front and rear.



BSA A10 Golden Flash Cons


Transmission: Ponderous, but reliable enough.

Plungers. Worn units can give you a fright. Check. Renew.

Electrics: Anything on 6-volts needs a 12-volt upgrade.

Lighting: Dim for modern riding. See "Electrics" above.

Bodges: Check drive-chain alignment due to clutch mods.

Forks: Weak springs are common. Fit progressive springs.

Frames: Plenty are ex-sidecar hacks. Check for damage.

Oil pump: Age distorts it. Check. Renew. But the best.

Brakes: Often poorly set up. Can be very good.

Cable:  Rear cable operated brake. Many prefer rod linkage.

Vibration: Botched rebuilds are common. Minor vibes okay.



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