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Hey, we're no experts. We need to get that clear from the start. And when it comes to reliable mechanical advice, tips, and tricks, there are millions of people who've forgotten more than we'll ever know.


But collectively here at Sump, we've been riding classic bikes for a couple of hundred years or so, and we've screwed up most of 'em at one time or another—and it's only the screw-ups that really ever teach you anything.


Ask Edison (eyes right).


So if, right now, you're busy screwing up your own bike and have got more bits left over than you had when you started, we might be able to help hammer them back somewhere.


Or maybe you're just naturally—or even unnaturally—curious about that big, pulsing thing throbbing between your legs and want to get to grips with it.


Either way, you can check out the list of problem bikes on the right and see if we've screwed up your particular hobby horse and have since figured out where we went wrong.


It's early days with this feature, and these things take time to build and develop. So bear with us, if you will.


Meanwhile, maybe you'll want to tip up off with a few screw-ups of your own. If you do, we'll be happy to tell the world how useless you are—and how you subsequently redeemed yourself.



But as with all advice, you might want to be patient and listen carefully to what we have to say, but question everything you hear (from us and from everyone else). We mean well, you understand, but we still haven't quite finished screwing up everything that can be screwed up (although we're working on it).


Finally, we could give you some legal spiel about not accepting liability for telling you something that ends up killing you, but we figure you're all big boys and girls and know how it works.


Hope you get something useful out of this feature. If not, try a bigger hammer.



— Sump


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