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UK P&P £4.30

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EU P&P £6.50

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Worldwide P&P £11.10

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Norton Commando metal sign

Size: 400 x 300mm


Instructions for use:


1. Remove carefully from the packaging.

2. Inspect the sign and feel pleased that you bought it.

3. Find a suitable spot on a suitable wall or door.

4. Position the sign thoughtfully using strips of masking tape if necessary.

5. Carefully mount the sign with nails or screws taking utmost care not to damage any part of the design (Tip: Use fibre washers both in front and behind the sign if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

6. Open a beer, light a fag, hug your partner or favourite pet.

7. Stand back and enjoy the sign and do this as often as time and convenience allows.

8. Drop us an email to let us know how satisfied you are.

9. Wipe the sign occasionally with a soft cloth (and wax it if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

10. Tell your friends.


That's all that's required. The sign should still be fit for purpose long after you're gone, and we hope that's a long time into the future.



What do customers say?


"Yeah, nice piece of tin. Well done."

- James Lund, Birkenhead,
  Greater Manchester


"Used to have a yellow Commando. Shouldn't
have sold it. I'll be keeping the sign. Thanks
for fast delivery. Nice T-shirt too."
- Big Dave, Reading, Berks


"Sign looks great. Pleased with purchase."
- Ritchie Weaver, Stirchley, West Midlands





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We only sell signs that we

hang on our own walls. If you have a problem with anything you buy from Sump, tell us and we'll sort it out. Pronto.

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We've used this image before. It's on our Norton T-shirt. What happened was that a customer emailed and asked if we had a metal sign with the same image. We said, "Funny that you should ask that..." because we'd been looking at producing some new signs, and a Norton Commando sign was high on the list. All we needed was a little push in the right direct.

However, we figured that we'd simplify the imagery and make that bike pic as large as possible. And this is how it ended up.

The bike shown is the S-Type, which is pretty much a Roadster with high-mounted silencers. We might have opted for any of the other bikes in the Commando range. But the bright yellow livery steps right out of the black, and those silencers just .... well, they just look so sexy.

So that's the whole story. But the tale isn't over until you've got one of these metal signs on the wall of your garage or shed, and you can get these only from us (unless someone is ripping us off, in which case there will be a reckoning, etc).

The size is a generous 300mm x 400mm, which is roughly the size of two A4 sheets of paper. The design is ours. The image is printed direct-to-metal in the traditional way, so don't expect a cheesy ultra high resolution art print glued with spray mount that will sooner or later peel off. At Sump, we like to keep with tradition as far as possible, and these signs have just the right industrial patina.

And if it matters to ya, the metal is recycled mild steel. So the signs will take some abuse.

Will you like it when you see it? We think so. If we didn't, we wouldn't be flogging 'em.

We package these signs as well as we reasonably can, and we despatch as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours of ordering, and very rarely longer than 2-3 days if stock has run out and needs to be re-supplied).

Either way, we'll keep you posted. And if for any reason we can't supply your sign, we'll tell you without unnecessary delay and will refund your money in full.

And remember this if you will:

We don't sell anything that we don't hang in our own garages.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out our Norton Commando Buyers Guide. If you've never considered one of these fabulous motorcycles, put it on the list—and put it near the top.



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