Triumph Bonneville 650cc T120 TT
metal wall sign

Essential lowbrow art for your garage, lounge, hall or ... wherever

Specifications: Steel plate backing. 300mm x 400mm. Printed direct to recycled metal. Original Sump design.


Only 14.99

plus P&P. UK 4.30. EU 6.50. World 11.10


UK P&P 4.30

Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery

EU P&P 6.50

Royal Mail Standard International Service


Worldwide P&P 11.10

Royal Mail Standard International Service

Triumph T120 Bonneville metal sign


Instructions for use:


1. Remove carefully from the packaging.

2. Inspect the sign and feel pleased that you bought it.

3. Find a suitable spot on a suitable wall or door.

4. Position the sign thoughtfully using strips of masking tape if necessary.

5. Carefully mount the sign with nails or screws taking utmost care not to damage any part of the design (Tip: Use fibre washers both in front and behind the sign if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

6. Open a beer, light a fag, hug your partner or favourite pet.

7. Stand back and enjoy the sign and do this as often as time and convenience allows.

8. Drop us an email to let us know how satisfied you are.

9. Wipe the sign occasionally with a soft cloth (and wax it if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

10. Tell your friends.


That's all that's required. The sign should still be fit for purpose long after you're gone, and we hope that's a long time into the future.



What do customers say?


"Hi Sump, great sign. Arrived yesterday.
Haven't (yet) got a real TT. But the sign
looks great in the den with the others.

Nice website by the way."
- Jay Musker, Gabbs, Nevada, USA


"Lo guys, V pleased with sign.

Will B back for more. Any chance of

a Squariel? Pref a 1952 model."

- Peter Clare, Edinburgh, Scotland



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We've never owned a Triumph TT. When we were younger, we were looking the wrong way, and when we were a little older, we were spending the wrong way. And today these rare bikes are fetching BIG money; too big for our modest purses. But we've certainly ridden one, and they feel so rrrrrrrright.

The "TT Special", as it was quickly designated, was introduced in 1963 as a hopped-up competition T120C that pandered exclusively to the lucrative and essential US market.

Bill Johnson of Johnson Motors (JoMo) handled West Coast sales. TriCor, based in Baltimore, handled East Coast bikes.

The TT featured sporting cams, high compression (12:1) E3613 pistons, reworked combustion chambers, a slightly bigger carburettor (1-3/16-inch as opposed to the standard 1-1/16-inch), energy transfer ignition, a slightly smaller petrol tank, and a 17-tooth gearbox sprocket (18-tooth on some bikes).

Top speed was over 120 mph, acceleration was equally brisk, and the light weight meant that you could get one airborne fairly easily. The bikes were campaigned in the American steeplechase races which took place on irregular shaped tracks with at least one jump and a right hand curve.

Later TTs featured lower compression pistons (11:1). More than a handful were converted for either street use, or other forms of competition.

The full story of the TT Specials is subject to much controversy, including the production numbers which are variously quoted in the hundreds to the low thousands.

We ain't getting into that one, but we can tell you that our Triumph metal signs, featuring the famed TT specials, are right here in fairly high numbers. So we're naturally looking for an equal number of buyers.

The size is a generous 300mm x 400mm, which is roughly the size of two A4 sheets of paper.

These Triumph 650cc T120 TT Bonneville metal signs are printed direct to metal in the traditional way. So you can expect an old fashioned patina appropriate to this kind of artwork.

Will you like it when you see it? We think so. If we didn't, we wouldn't be flogging 'em.

We package these signs as well as we reasonably can, and we despatch as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours of ordering, and very rarely longer than 2-3 days if stock has run out and needs to be re-supplied.

Either way, we'll keep you posted. And if for any reason we can't supply your sign, we'll tell you without unnecessary delay and will refund your money in full.

And remember this if you will:

We don't sell anything that we don't hang in our own garages.




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