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Can I draw your attention to a new law set to be introduced by France on 1st January 2013?


Specifically, riders of motorcycles above 125cc will be compelled to wear “Dayglo” high visibility clothing of at least 150cm2 on the upper torso.


This law will require not only compliance by French motorcyclists, but compliance by visiting riders. The penalty for failure to wear such a vest is €68.


Many riders feel this law is irrational and unfairly discriminatory.


Please note that:


Cyclists are exempt from the law.

Pedestrians are exempt.

Riders of sub-125cc capacity machines are exempt.

Only riders of larger bikes are being targeted.


Whilst some might view objection to this law as trivial, it actually infringes and restricts otherwise lawful motorcycle activity in numerous ways. Moreover, the “right” to dress how one chooses is surely a basic human right, and should not be denied simply because one is riding a larger capacity motorcycle, or indeed any capacity motorcycle.


This is a fundamental freedom of choice issue. There would be outrage were pedestrians also compelled to wear reflective clothing in an effort to improve road safety.


I understand that this is a French law, but as a motorcyclist it impinges on my free, unfettered movement throughout Europe.


French riders are already compelled to ride with lights on at all times, and wear reflective strips on their crash helmets.


Please can you give me your views on this “Dayglo” law?


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