swap lives with anyone? Elvis?
Attila the Hun? George Bush?
No, neither have we. But if we really did have to swap lives, if it was essential for the benefit of humanity and/or to save the universe, this is
the guy we want to swap it with. John Ellis from somewhere in the Essex area. He's got hair, a nice leather jacket, funky boots and a cracking 1951 Sunbeam S7 in a fetching shade of black.

Yes, Mist Green S7s are cool too. But black is where it's at, and we
liked this one so much we had to
have it as our opener pic for the July 2009 Battlesbridge Classic Bike Show & Autojumble feature.

What's that? Never heard of Battlesbridge? Get out of here already, ya bum. Battlesbridge is
THE place to go if you're within a zillion miles of Essex, God's own county, in the fine month of July.

They got the lot here. Classic bikes from Triumph, BSA, Norton, Vincent, Ariel, Francis Barnett, Scott, AJS and Matchless, plus a red hot band, ice cold beer, hot dogs, doughnuts, autojumble stalls, girls in short skirts, boys in long trousers, sunshine, blue sky, green grass, brown trees, khaki gravel and grey concrete. What more do you want?

They 've also got the huge Battlesbridge Antique Centre to lose your "significant other" in for a couple of hours, plus the famous Battlesbridge Museum which costs just one quid. Cheap. Put simply, Battlesbridge is a salmon magnet to us having been born within five miles of the site. We have to keep coming back each year to spawn no matter how strong the current on the Southend Arterial Road.

This show gets better and better, so get down there next year before it gets too good for you. Seriously, we've heard of that happening.

Meanwhile, check out our pictures by clicking on the Esso Man. He'll take you on a magical  mystery tour, the likes of which you've never quite seen before.

Okay. Here goes. Get your motor running and give the little bloke with the pointed head a prod.
It'll be worth it ....

Don't forget the Grand Motorbilia Day at Battlesbridge. Sunday
27th September 2009!

Bikes, buses, classic cars, hot rods, scooters - and just about every Dagenham Ford in Essex.