Classic bike specialists


They're in it for the money, but not entirely for the money. Practically all the professional classic bike engineers, dealers, builders and specialists we've ever met are motorcycle riders who've turned a passion into a business. To stay in that business, they're looking for your patronage and coin. Come and see what they offer, and find out how they operate ...


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Classic bike specialists help grease the wheels of the classic bike scene, sometimes literally. Over the years, we've met hundreds of 'em. Some are good, and some are not so good, and one or two have been complete bloody rogues.


But you can't manage without the good ones, and it's illegal to kill the bad ones, so you pretty much have to take 'em as you find them.


Here are a few of the classic bike specialists that have come our way, and we've featured them here for your interest and edification. We're adding to this page as and when. And we're interested in any recommendations.


Note that we're very loosely applying the "specialist" term, which means that these guys might specialise in anything from engineering to custom bike building to motorcycle sales of a certain era.


And note too that we're not necessarily giving any or all of these guys the Sump seal of approval. However, none of them have given us much cause for doubt regarding their honesty and competence. But naturally, they've probably all upset someone at one time or another, either justifiably or not. It's inevitable and goes with the territory.


So read what we have to say, do your online research, canvass your friends, and make up your own mind. And if you have any useful feedback on these classic bike specialists and dealers, pass the word.


If necessary, we'll pass it on via these pages.









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