Triumph Scrambler

865cc, DOHC, air/oil-cooled twin. What's good. What's not good. What to watch  


2012 Triumph Scrambler Pros


Performance: Low down torque suits laid back riding.

Rideability: Nice stable platform. Perfect for town work.

Desirability: People just like 'em. Instant eye-appeal.

Sound: 270-degree crankshaft gives lazy offbeat throbs.

Support: Triumph customer care is generally excellent.

Accessories: Lots of stuff from Triumph and 3rd parties.

Easy going: Speed is down, profile is high. Perfect.

Kudos: Triumph is a world class brand. Be proud.

Price: Very competitive. Reasonable re-sale values.

Engine: Tried and tested Bonneville motor.

Smooth: Ideal for touring solo or two up.

Pillion: Not a great saddle, but better than any bike perch.

Steve McQueen: US desert racer lookalike. Enjoy.

Economy: We've had 65 (high-speed) mpg from these.

Arrow exhaust: Triumph extra. Better looks. Better sound.

Electric start: Perfect for the ageing Meriden-era boys.

Colour: Nicely understated. Just add mud and dust.


2012 Triumph Scrambler Cons


Bulky: Lardy when compared to '60s Triumph Scramblers.

Silencers: Lacks elegance with poor ergonomics.

Warranty: Irritating faults need a good running-in shakedown.

Options: Basic stuff costs extra (centre stand, grab rail, etc).

Bash plate: Shouldn't it be standard fitment?

Fake: Carburettors. Front breather "pushrod" tube.

Weight: These really need to diet and lose 50-60lbs.

Suspension: Bottoms-out easily. Needs upgrading.

Brakes: Some riders will need more than offered.

Seat: Unattractive, and plankish.

Retro: Triumph should be looking ahead, not backward.

Throttle: Occasional poor low-speed response.

Torque: Flat curve makes life easy (but risks blandness).

Kayaba forks: 41mm. 4.7 inches travel. But no adjustment.

Silencers: Emissions regs makes 'em way too bulky.

Cleaning: Tricky access around the header bikes.

Horn: Feeble.


  Triumph Scrambler engine - 2012 Triumph Scrambler primary side Triumph Scrambler sump plate

  Triumph badge Triumph Scrambler fuel injection Single exhaust for the Triumph Scrambler



 2015 Triumph Scrambler


▲ The 2015 Triumph Scrambler 900. The same, but different. Clearly, Hinckley feels that it's got the basic formula right and is intent on enjoying it while it lasts. The bikes were never intended as serious off road machines, and most will stay on the black stuff throughout their "lives". But we riders buy with our eyes, and there are plenty of eyes on these machines. The OTR price, incidentally, is £7,988, which is pretty competitive.


Triumph 865:
Look back. Move ahead


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