Lazareth LM847. You might be forgiven for thinking you've seen this before. It's got most of the hallmarks of the 8-litre V10 Dodge Tomahawk concept that touched down on planet Earth back in 2003. But this is a similar four-wheeled horse with a slightly different spin on custom quad design. The creator is funky Frenchman Ludovic Lazareth. The motive power is delivered courtesy of a 470hp V8 Maserati engine. There's no gearbox. There's simply a torque converter delivering seamless, overblown, arm-wrenching power to the driving rubber. The rear swinging arm came from a Ducati Panigale. The front brake calipers are eight-pot Nissins gripping 420mm rim discs. The quad weighs around 880lbs (400kgs) and delivers 457lbs-ft of eyeball flattening torque at 4,750rpm. If this is the four-play, imagine how the climax feels... www.lazareth.fr



March 2016


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New Oakley sunglasses

There was a time when if you wore sunglasses anywhere except on the beach or whilst watching an atom bomb test, people thought you were a flash b%$1@«d. Remember? Well times have changed, and we put on our sunglasses before we even think about underwear. So naturally we're always interested in new shades within which to strut around, hence this modest Sump news item on Oakley's latest range of essential eyewear for cool flash b%$1@«ds. [More...]




Knox Buxton jeans, etc


Actually, the heading should be "Knox Buxton & Brooke jeans with Spectra". But we didn't have the space for all that, so we abbreviated it. However, seeing as you're here now, we'll get on with the news item... These are new jeans from Knox. They're made from 12oz Cordura« Denim and feature an abrasion resistant lining called Spectra« "which is one of the world's strongest and lightest fibres". [More...]




SW-Motech Legend bags

Riders of Ducati Scramblers, Triumph Street Twins and similar retro bikes look this way and pin back your ears. SW Motech has just released details of its Legend Gear range of motorcycle luggage which includes "vintage looking" tank bags, side bags and a tail pack, all manufactured from waxed cotton and Napalon (imitation leather).


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Triumph "Blueprint" T-shirt

Here's the latest classic bike T-shirt from Sump. It's the second design in what we call our "Blueprint" range (well we gotta call it something), and it's aimed specifically at riders and fans of Meriden Triumph twins. But we're big hearted, so if you ride a Honda or anything else, we're still prepared to sell you a shirt. Or even two. This tee is silk-screen printed on heavyweight 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton and is available in M, L, XL and 2XL sizes. It's an original design, but we've recycled (or re-motorcycled) an older slogan of ours: LOOK BACK, MOVE AHEAD.




Stylmartin Rocket Boots


Here's one of those products that you start out liking, but end up not really liking. Stylmartin Rocket Boots. They've just been released, and they're aimed at cafe racer motorcycle urbanites. In other words, guys who like to stand beside cool looking bikes, but don't actually ride 'em very far or very often. Not that we've got a problem with that. In this life, you need to get your rocks off wherever you can. But the point is, these boots are designed for bikers (of a sort), but they're not the kind of thing you might want for any more serious motorcycling. [More...]







Buffalo Navigator jacket

The Buffalo classic leather jacket is back. We didn't actually know it had gone anywhere, and to tell the truth, we don't even know what it is. Or was. Or whatever. But the main thing is that it's back. So if you've been missing it, dry your eyes. This one (we assume there are other's in the range) is called the Navigator. It's made from "natural milled leather" (whatever that is), so it's "soft and flexible, yet retains the inherent strength of the hide." We're also told that it's got "timeless appearance, with subtle touches like vintage-style zips and stud fasteners" and that it will suit riders of classic bikes or retro machines. There's a detachable thermal quilted liner, and there are armoured shoulders and elbows.



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EBR production resumes

Someone up there must really like this firm. Or maybe it's got more to do with Erik Buell's tenacity, talent and vision, because after a long period in a financial black hole, the company is set to resume the manufacture of bikes. The new owner of EBR (Erik Buell Racing) is Michigan-based Liquid Asset Partners which paid $2 million for the Buell rights and assets. It was feared that the company would be stripped and trashed. But apparently, that's not going to happen. Not yet, anyway. [More...]



Ohlins shock absorber recall


Íhlins recall appeal


If you're running a bike fitted with an Íhlins shock absorber/damper, you might want to pay attention to this news item. In March 2015, the Swedish company initiated a recall having identified a locknut problem that, we understand, could cause the unit to come apart. The recall has managed to take hundreds, or even thousands of dodgy dampers off the roads. But it's not enough. Apparently, there are still a large number of units out there that Íhlins would very much like to have returned.




London bus lanes for motorcycles confusion


London bus lane confusion

Thirty-six motorcyclists were killed on London's roads in 2015. That's an unacceptably high number and is wildly disproportionate (compared to general London road fatalities), and it's a number that Transport for London (in particular) would like to reduce. A recent survey of 1,200 motorcyclists in the capital revealed the chief concerns of riders, one of which is the inconsistency of regulations regarding access to London's bus lanes. Many of the lanes are controlled by individual London boroughs, of which there are 32. But many others are controlled by Transport for London (TfL). And it's between the two that the inconsistency lies. [More...]


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Indian Springfield launched

This bike is an open secret and has therefore been anticipated for a while. But Indian Motorcycles has now released pictures and details of its new heavyweight Harley-Davidson bashing, highway-hugging cruiser.


It's called the Indian Springfield, so named after the town of Springfield, Massachusetts where Indian motorcycles were built between 1901 and 1953 (and today, Springfield is still the headquarters of Indian, although the bikes are currently built at Spirit Lake, Iowa). [More...]


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