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We're not normally contactable by phone. Why not? Because it takes up too much time and resources. And temper. A few years ago we tried this.


Unfortunately, we quickly began receiving dozens of calls each week from Sumpsters asking us to solve their various (and often complex) technical problems, many of which were either beyond our modest knowledge, and/or required a lot of investigation (ideally on our knees beside the bike in question, which clearly isn't possible).


Also, we received a large number of calls from telemarketers, pollsters, double-glazing firms, SEO experts and suchlike, so we disconnected the phone, buried it in the back garden, and returned to what we do best, which is penning motorcycle features, compiling event reports, writing news stories, creating tech-help pages, drafting buyers guides, composing events listings, road-testing bikes, and getting drunk (not necessarily in that order). And it all takes a lot of time and energy, both of which are in limited supply.


So if any of you guys or girls need to contact us, use Sump's email link. We constantly monitor the mail, and we'll get back to you if need be. But we can't get into solving individual problems. We don't have the time, the money, or the resources.


Or the temper.


If we absolutely need to talk to you, we'll ask for a phone number and will be in touch. Staying in contact is important to us. But as ever in this world, you have to be realistic.

Are we right?







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