Triumph Bonneville T140

Terry Dutton's 1979 T140E street custom. One man's 750cc Bonnie heaven on earth


▲ That's a Harrison Billet (aluminium) caliper at the bottom of those Harley-Davidson Sportster forks. The disc is floating which helps this T140 Bonneville get an all-weather grip on reality. The splayed head, note, is arguably not so good for gas flowing as the stock parallel port set-up. But splayed heads simply look better. And if you've got it, you might as well flaunt it, etc.



▲ Underslung calipers were fitted on T140s from 1976. By 1979, a revised swinging arm appeared with an overhead caliper. This was said to keep the caliper clear of dirt and muck, but we've never had much trouble with either. The Mikuni carburettor is superior to Amal carbs (better designed and machined). But Amals are pretty good too and are understandable. And Mikunis simply look wrong to many eyes. But we haven't got a problem with them.


▲ Oil-in-frame Triumph Bonnevilles are underrated. This example has shed a lot of pounds and, we hear, has powered up to 46bhp at the back wheel. 50bhp has been variously quoted for T140s, but that was never realistic. This, however, sounds more likely.



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