Triumph Bonneville T140

1973-1983 & 1985-1988.  750cc OHV air-cooled twin.   
TR7 Tiger, T140V, T140E, T140J, T140D, T140W, TR65, TSX, TSS, TR7T review



Triumph Bonneville T140 Pros


Performance: 100mph in standard tune. More possible.

Reliability: Generally very good. Niggling roadside issues.

Spares: All parts available, new and used. Fair prices.

Maintenance: Easy. Few special tools needed. Durable.

Transmission: Very good 5-speed gearbox.

Handling: Good. Predictable. Surefooted.

Braking: Good discs. Upgrades available. Drums okay.

Looks: Classic Triumph style, ageing nicely.

Fuel economy:  Expect 50-55 mpg. More for TR7s.

Value for money: Good to very good.

Investment potential: T140s hold steady values.

Modifications: Plenty of tuning options (cams, carbs, etc)

Sound: Peashooter silencers make all the right noises.


Triumph Bonneville T140 Cons


Oil: Triumphs usually mark their territory. Manageable.

Theft: Bonnies need to locked and bolted.

Vibes: Moderate. Improvable. Irritation for some riders.

Gear change: Right side pre-1976. Left side thereafter.

Starting: Electric start models have weak sprag clutches.

Power: Could use more. 55-75mph cruising. Adequate.

Lighting: Weak by modern standards.

Noise: Plenty of top-end Triumph clatter. But acceptable.

Emissions: Smells like a "real" motorcycle. Can smoke.

Clutch: Heavy-ish. Mods and upgrades available.

Instruments: Basic. Speedo. Rev-counter. No frills.

Electrics: Heated grips are about all you can wire-in.

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   T140 Triumph Bonneville. Note the CMA cast wheels

   T140 instruments. The chrome light bezel is non standard  T140 Bonnie primary case detailing lthe left side gear change

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