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Malcolm Turner's 1979 750cc T140E


T140E Bonneville


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"I bought my Triumph Bonneville T140E from new from a firm called Acton Vale Motorcycles in West London. It cost about £1600. Itís still got very low mileage at just 21,000, and has had the top end rebuilt twice to cure oil leaks around the pushrod tubes. Itís on the original bore and original valve gear, etc. Much of the mileage was done on the continent. Iíve visited Germany, France, Norway, and all the countries in between. I went to Holland on a separate trip; these were always solo rides, mostly to club events.

Cruising at around 70-80mph seems to suit it okay. It hasnít been converted for unleaded, incidentally, and I donít use any other fuel additives. Just ordinary unleaded.

Itís on the original chrome, and has the original paint on the frame Ėalthough Iíve had to dolly that up a little. I removed the carrier and blanked the holes and fitted aftermarket indicators. I've never much liked the look of the standard indicators.


Iíve had other British bikes; a T150 Triumph Trident and some BSA A10s. And I also own a 500 BSA single and a Hinckley Bonneville. But I prefer the Meriden bike by far. I shall probably get rid of my Hinckley Bonnie after a trip to France this year.

I do my own servicing. Itís simple enough and this bike hasnít actually wanted very much. Aside from minor oil leaks at the top end, itís pretty much oil-tight.

Parts come from all over the place, but mostly TMS in Nottingham and Worsley Motorcycles. Theyíre all pretty good to deal with.

I like the Bonnie gearbox. Itís never given any trouble. The clutch is okay. And the handling is very good. With a T140, youíve got classic British biking with decent brakes and a generally good all-round ride. I really canít emphasise enough how much fun itís been."


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