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Triumph logoBill Crosby is the current owner of Reg Allen Motorcycles. Reg Allen founded the business sometime (we believe) before WW2. In 1958, the shop came up for sale and Bill Crosby quickly expressed an interest. A deal was eventually struck which included pretty much everything, except, it later transpired, the shop itself. A new premises was soon found, and Crosby re-established the business and has since been trading mostly in Triumph motorcycles, but more recently in Royal Enfield and (Chinese built) AJSs.


Royal Enfield logoBill Crosby has built a reputation as a highly knowledgeable classic Triumph (i.e. Meriden era) dealer. He supplies parts for post war twins and triples, and he also handles repairs and general servicing for the same. For a few years, Reg Allen Motorcycles was also a Norton Rotary dealer and serviced the fleet bikes of the BBC, the AA and the Royal Horse Artillery.


Following the final closure of the Meriden plant in 1983, Crosby travelled to the factory and acquired numerous interesting developmental prototype engines, most of which can now be viewed at the London Motorcycle Museum established by Crosby in 1999.


The business (Reg Allen) has had its struggles, largely due to the need to regularly re-invent itself, and today it appears to be on sound footing. Bill Crosby has always been a huge hoarder, and his massive stock of second hand genuine factory spares has in no small way helped keep the shop afloat during some stormy periods.


Now in his 80s, Bill, aided by his sons, still works at the shop and also maintains the London Motorcycle Museum which has hit some significant financial problems, largely due to Ealing Borough Council removing its rates subsidy and demanding 30,000 in back payments. An appeal for funds was launched earlier this year (2016). For more on that issue see: Sump Magazine Classic Bike News January 2016.


Bill Crosby can be very short tempered and grumpy, but he also has a generous side and will do what he reasonably can to keep your wheels rolling. It should be said that he's shown a lot of vision, grit and determination in developing the London Motorcycle Museum. We've visited a number of times and have watched it grow and develop. Numerous classic bike events are held at the site. It's not clear, however, what sort of future lays ahead for this venture.


Donations to help keep the museum open are currently welcomed (September 2016).


Reg Allen Motorcycles
39 Grosvenor Road
W7 1HP

United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8579 1248




Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 6pm
Saturday: 9.30am-5.30pm


UPDATE: Reg Allen Motorcycles has closed except for limited workshop work



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