BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler

1957-1963.  650cc OHV air-cooled twin.  


Gold Star | L R "Hap" Alzina | Lucas competition magneto | High level pipes


BSA successfully married a Gold Star frame with a big-valve A10 engine, kept the generator and regulator, but removed the lights (an optional accessory lighting kit was available).

Catalina type brakes were fitted, plus twin high-level straight-through pipes. Other features included an Amal monobloc carburettor and a Lucas competition magneto (image below).


BSA Spitfire Scrambler Lucas competition magneto


The bike was built to satisfy the demands/requirements of
L R "Hap" Alzina, BSA's Western States Distributor and was never sold in the UK, but many have since returned to Blighty. Plenty of replicas abound.


[BSA Golden Flash profile]



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