1924, Super Eight 996cc, OHV, 4-valve-per-cylinder air-cooled V-twin



  Italian Alessandro Anzani (1877–1956) was the man behind Anzani engines. He founded Anzani Moteurs d’Aviation which was located at 112 Boulevard de Courbevoie, Courbevoie, Paris. It began trading in 1907. The British Anzani Engine Company, acting as a licensee, operated from Scrubbs Lane, Willesden, London. Business began on November 20th 1912.

Aero engines were the original business. In the UK the Coventry Ordnance Works handled the production. After WW1 the firm developed a successful 1,100cc 60-degree (also quoted as 57-degree) V-twin engine that was used in a variety of motorcycles and cycle cars.



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