The 2012 Triumph Speed Triple R. The same, but different. But how long before Triumph needs to start afresh?


Triumph Speed Triple

1050cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled triple  



1994 Triumph Speed Triple T300/309


1994 Speed Triple T300/309 series bikes.
Plenty of these around still at low prices and giving

great service. Solid engineering. Very tough engine.
Find a good one, cherish it, garage it, and cash in when you retire. First-of-type bikes almost always carry a premium. This is one to watch. Numbers are falling.



1999 Triumph Speed Triple T509


1999 Speed Triple T595. Third generation. Consolidating its position with a 955cc engine. Bit by bit, this bike was nudging aside contenders and increasing its grip on its sector. No great leap forward, however. Triumph was playing a long, cautious game.





2011 Speed Triple. Fifth generation, and the 500,000th Triumph built by Hinckley. Some milestone, huh. Engine shifted forward slightly and angled down a little. New chassis including swinging arm. Battery moved behind headstock. Slightly lower and narrower seat. New bug-eyed headlamps. Triumph claims another 5hp and a wider torque spread around the mid range. Over 60,000 built so far.




1997 Triumph Speed Triple T509


1997 Speed Triple T509. Second generation and beginning to come out of its shell. Aluminium perimeter frame. Louder colours. First showing of the bug-eye headlamps. Up-rated forks. Looking very cool now.
Carburettors are dead. Fuel injection is the norm.





2005 Speed Triple. Fourth generation (in Scorched Yellow). New 1050cc engine. Most power  (130PS @ 9,100rpm). More torque (105Nm @ 5,100rpm). New inverted forks and tweaks all around. As with all Speed Triples, plenty of accessories and options. But even the basic model rings the right notes. Still a very good value bike. Lots around.
















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