Triumph TR7T Tiger Trail

They didn't make many, and they didn't sell many. And today these 750cc Tigers fetch a premium over the standard T140 Bonneville. But are they really worth the money?


Triumph TR7T Tiger Trail pros


Engine: Triumph's parallel twin. Reliable. Simple. Classic.

Single carb: Tiger's strong point. No balancing. Easy tune.

Spares: Engine parts are easy (but the plastic is trickier).

Economy: Good. Tigers return 55-60mpg. We've had two.

Weight: 375lbs dry. The lightest 750 around? Maybe.

Simplicity: Easy to maintain, rebuild, upgrade, and modify.

Performance: Good bottom end torque.

Rear brake: Nice 7-inch drum. Good feel. Belt'n'braces.

Gearbox: T140 5-speed. Snick, snick, snick, snick, snick.

Front brake: Lockheed 10-inch disc. One finger stopping.

Starting: Get your mum to do it. It's that easy.




Triumph TR7T Tiger Trail cons


Exhaust: Two-into-one black chrome header pipes like rust.

Silencer: Ugly hacked-up black chrome silencer. Strewth.

Handling: Tyres don't much like the rain (but fair on the dirt).

Tank decals: Cheap and nasty design won few friends.

Idiot lights: Set in the tacho binnacle, also looks cheap.

Plastic mudguards: Not Triumph's finest moment.

Saddle: Too big for one, too small for two.

Cost: Around 20-30 percent more than a stock T140.

Suspension: More serious plugging wants longer fork travel.

Clutch: Heavy and wearing for off-road use. But decent bite.

Oil: Like T140, the TR7T doesn't always keep it in.


 The 1981 TR7T Tiger Trail: a design failure and a sales failure, but still a decent T140 variant

TR7T Triumph Tiger Trail. At heart, it's a T140 Bonneville, but Meriden was desperate to exploit new markets for its core product that was long in the tooth and falling out of favour. For serious off-road work, it's not ideal. But it has its moments.


 TR7T silencer - not Meriden's finest design moment Tiger Trail speedo left, idiot lights right. Cheap and nasty fudge

That's a T140 silencer, cut, reworked, welded. Yikes.            ▲ Idiotic idea for idiot lights. But Triumph was skint.


 TR65T 650cc short-stroke Tiger Trail. Rare, but no real improvement on the TR7T TR7T 7-inch rear drum. A nice touch, and it works.

Triumph TR6T. 650cc. Short stroke. Black finished engine.     ▲ Rear TR7T/TR6T drum brake. Works well. Smart move.



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