Triumph Trident T160

1975-1977.  750cc OHV air-cooled triple



Triumph Trident T160 Pros


Performance: 120mph. Tridents have a great race history.

Looks: Stylish design still turns heads. Expect admiration.

Cornering: Excellent. Expect a close asphalt shave.

Handling: Very good. Positive front. Good weight spread.

Sound: These engines howl and inspire confidence.

Clutch: A little heavy, but strong and smooth.

Comfort: Good. But expect high-speed vibes/tingle.

Spares: Very good. Almost everything is available.

Tuning: Big bore kits/exhaust/brake mods, etc, available.

Acceleration: Rapid. Think hot rod.

Value for money: Very good. More bang for your buck.

Starting: Easy on the thumb, a little harder on the foot.

Pillion: High speed travelling shortens the journey.

Luggage: All you can carry. The Trident pulls like a train.

Electric starter: These work well.

Experts: Plenty of people around who speak Trident.


Triumph Trident T160 Cons


Airbox: Ugly design built to silence induction noise.

Braking: Marginal at high speed. Upgrades needed.

Engine rebuilds: Expensive. 50-percent more than T140s.

Fuel economy: Hopeless. Expect 35-40mpg, or less.

Electrics: Average. But lighting needs upgrade for speed.

Weight: These are heavy bikes at around 460lbs.

Bulk: Not really for the very little guys/girls.

Carburettors: Three to balance/optimise. Tedious chore.

Throttle: Three carbs. Three springs. Work it out. Heavyyyyy.

Maintenance:  Trickier than most classic British twins.

Emissions: Annular discharge silencers strangle bhp.

Ignition: Forget points. Three are a pain. Fit electronic.

Threads: Tridents have lots of castings. Expect to helicoil.

Overshadowed: Specifically the Rocket Three and Hurricane.

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