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Welcome. We've been expecting you. Sump is a 100% FREE independent classic bike magazine website. We Sumpsters are into all historic and modern British iron, American iron, cafe racers, bobbers, choppers, specials, projects and vintage motorcycles. Actually, we're into pretty much everything on two wheels that pumps a piston, lays down a strip of rubber, fills the air with filthy hydrocarbons and takes our sorry souls somewhere new and exciting.


Del Monte - classic bikerSump Magazine is located mostly in the UK, but being a website magazine, we often find ourselves on the move and bouncing around the satellites and reaching those corners of the world where the established mags and rags have never been.


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Queen of Sump - classic bikerVisitors come to Sump Magazine from Australia to Canada to South Africa to the USA to all over South America. And we've built a pretty good presence across Europe, Russia and the ex-Soviet states, Japan and China. In short, Sump Magazine is out there.


Sump Magazine is run by motorcycle enthusiasts for enthusiasts, meaning people just like you (unless you're a Googlebot or a web spider, in which case, just do what ya gotta do and move along there, if you please. You're blocking the view).

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Around here, we run Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons, Harleys and AJSs mostly. But there are always new old motorcycles coming into our garages and sheds. Old stuff is (naturally) constantly being hoarded, and new stuff is constantly being test-ridden (or just joy-ridden).


Transport is transport, and we just love to move.


Sam 7 - classic motorcyclistWe don't buy personal data, and we certainly don't sell the information of the people who buy our T-shirts and books, or who advertise with us. You simply come and go onto this website as you see fit and leave a minimal trail. There are no log-in fields. No questions. No hassle.


And no pop-ups.


If you like what you find, tell your friends. If not, jerk our leads and we'll listen carefully to what you have to say. And if we've got any news or feature information wrong, give our leads an extra convincing jerk and we'll put it right.


One final thing. We occasionally cover other non-motorcycling stuff; lateral and fringe stories that we think might be of interest to people of a certain age, and of a certain mindset. Consequently, we view ourselves not only as a motorcycle magazine, but a magazine for motorcyclists. Step inside, take a peek, and see what we mean...


That's it. That's Sump. Do your worst.

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