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UPDATE! Sheffield Motorcycles is now under the ownership of Andy Johnson. Bantam John has retired.



BSA logoBantam John is John Phelan. He also trades as Sheffield Motorcycles. Over the past decade, he's amassed a huge stock of classic motorcycle spares, largely by relentlessly buying up bankrupt stock, or the stock of retired dealers and autojumble traders.


His knowledge of classic spares is impressive. In fact, we can't think of anyone who's got a firmer finger on the pulse of the old bike trade (at least as far as parts is concerned). He currently employs five staff and regularly attends the major autojumbles. If you want to know what fits fit, John Phelan is your man. If you want to know about original parts and NOS, he's still the man to talk to. He doesn't have any time for nasty imported parts from China or India. He doesn't have much, if anything, to do with the internet. At least, that was the position the last time we checked.


Norton logoOn a good day he's cheery enough, but a word of caution; he doesn't suffer fools gladly, and by his own admission he talks to an awful lot of fools. He does receive a lot of flak and complaints, but he also deals with a lot of people, so friction is inevitable. That said, he quite probably does have the parts you want, and as far as we can tell he prices stuff realistically. We've bought a few bits and bobs from Bantam John, and they've always been correct and delivered in a reasonable amount of time.


Sheffield Motorcycles is rapidly hoovering up the entire classic bike spares market. It's conceivable that there will come a time when there are only one or two guys left trading in this sector, and you can be sure that Bantam John will be the other one.


Talk to him for cables, gaskets, footrest rubbers, saddles, frames, forks, brake shoes, brake pads, clutch plates, pistons, bearings, chains, electrical parts, speedos, transfers, oil tanks, side panels, seals, handlebars, shock absorbers, gaiters and pretty much anything you can think of. He's got literally tons and container loads of parts.


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Andy Johnson (new owner)

Royal Enfield logoSheffield British Motorcycles

26-30 Lowgates


Telephone: +44 (0)1246 281344



Opening hours: No details available.



Note: All information is given in good faith. Details were correct at the time we posted online. As ever, check by phone or via the website to see what the current position is. Any feedback on any motorcycle dealer is welcomed.




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