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Motorcycle blog image"Blog?" We hesitate to use that term. It's a klunky sounding four letter word—and one that's actually been around for maybe 150 years or so.


Back then, in the mid-19th century, "blog" meant "a servant boy". Or "a house slave". Or, to use the vernacular, "a gofer". It was much later in the 20th century that it came to mean an "online diary" of some kind.


I got up.

I did this.

I did that.

I went back to bed.



But most, if not all current blogs, include news of some kind (if only to pad the humdrum holes in general human existence). And some are almost pure news, which further blurs the definition.


Regardless, the word is derived from "web + log", but then you probably know that. Most people do. What you might not know is that Sump is arguably (and we did say "arguably") the best classic motorcycle web + log, or "blog" on the planet. But until now we've tended to think of our digital scribblings as "news", which is pretty much a blog in a suit.


And if you Google "classic bike news", we're usually number one in the listings. But if you Google "classic bike web log", or "classic bike blog", you'll see that we're a little further down the podium.


And that ain't actually too bad because until now, we haven't optimised any of Sump for the word "blog" or "web-blog". But clearly, Google's search engine algorithm is smart enough to recognise that "news" and "blog" ain't necessarily all that far apart, terminologically speaking. So we've ranked fairly well where we wanted to rank well.


Sump Magazine Motorcycle  blog


Anyway, "blog" is currently where it's at. And "news" is kinda ... well, old news. So we figured it was time to move with the times and bloggit for all its worth. So here's an alternative landing page for our "blog", or "news pages" if you're a little old fashioned. But if you want Google to sit up and pay attention, you've got to play by Google's rules.


Are we right?


So be our guest. Go and press some buttons and poke around and see what's on offer. You can then decide for yourself if Sump really is the world's number one classic motorcycle blog.


— Sump





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