Accidents will happen. But this sticker aims to minimise the damage

Specifications: Vinyl sticker. UK made. 50mm wide.

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£1.95 per pair
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Size: 50mm wide



bumper or top box sticker







Plus postage and packing
Size: 410mm x 45mm 



bumper or top box sticker




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Size: 410mm x 45mm









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P&P: UK £0.50

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Worldwide: £1.15

You know how it happens. You're loping along on your favourite bike humming Creedence Clearwater Revival hits. You're happy. Carefree. The chrome is glinting in the sunlight. Your toupee feels good today. Then some fool appears from nowhere and T-bones you. You come off and splat in the road unconscious. Then some helpful soul happens along and decides that you need some air. So he or she tries to pry off your lid.

Not smart.

Fortunately, you've got a pair of Sump's STOP! BROKEN NECK? stickers adjacent to the chin strap, and the good Samaritan spots them and heeds the warning and waits for experienced medical attention*.

On the other hand, you haven't got a pair of Sump's STOP! BROKEN NECK? stickers on your lid, and the whole scenario changes.

And not for the better.


So much for putting a little fear into advertising to clinch a sale, huh? But we think these stickers are a pretty good idea. Naturally, we're hoping that no one ever has the misfortune of finding out. But life isn't so generous.

These stickers are designed by us and produced right here in the UK. We're asking £1.95 a pair, plus postage and packing.

Note that we designed the sticker so that you can conveniently snip off the line reading: DO NOT REMOVE THIS HELMET WITHOUT MEDICAL SUPERVISION. That's assuming your lid hasn't much space on it.

The phrase STOP! BROKEN NECK? ought to be enough. But be it on your own head, etc.

The stickers are 50mm wide. They fit on all the lids we tried around the Sump office.

They're vinyl and should last 3, 4 or 5 years. Maybe more. UV light will ultimately degrade them. But you'll be upgrading your lid by then, won't you?

So what's it going to be? Buy? Or don't buy? Neck broken? Neck not broken? Feeling lucky? Feeling unlucky?

We're waiting ....


* UPDATE: Concerns have been raised regarding helmet stickers. Some feel that the problem of further injury due to helmet removal (following an accident) is overstated—meaning that in some instances it might well be necessary to remove a lid to check if an injured rider is breathing or choking. We agree with that. Broadly. Our advice is to explore the variety of information before making a sticker purchasing decision. And maybe we should clarify a point; if a rider is lying in the road following a smash and is otherwise safe and comfortable, we suggest risking no further harm until a qualified (whatever that means) first responder is at the scene. We also suggest that riders should attend a suitable training course such as the Biker Down! scheme. Google it and see what's currently available.


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