SPS Harley-Davidson "Speed Demon"


Bonhams is auctioning this pretty radical 91-cubic inch/1,525cc custom built by SPS (Special Parts Supply). Based in the Geertruidenberg, Netherlands, SPS builds bespoke Harley-Davidson customs and clones, and sells custom goodies and services. The firm, we hear, is also steadily building a reputation for style, quality and originality. But the truth is that beyond that, we don't know an awful lot about this outfit.


However, we know something about Bonhams, and they reckon that this almost-road-ready bespoke board tracker will fetch somewhere between £62,000 - £70,000.




Exactly. But we try not to argue with the auction maestros, you understand, because the firm knows more about running a sale than we know about arguing. All the same, in the current bailiffs-at-the-door climate, and with those numbers on the slate, it's hard to see a long queue of buyers for this piece of rolling petrol-chemical extravaganza. Then again, the increasing polarisation of the western world means that for many, this anticipated price of this bike is nothing more than pocket change.











It was built in 2008. The Harley-Davidson Shovelhead inspired engine is actually an S&S lump marketed as their Anniversary Edition. The engine is "pre-certified" by the US Environmental Protection Agency, which means that it's ready to be put on the street if that's where the buyer wants to take it.


The transmission is a 6-speed Torquebox from Baker Drivetrain of Saginaw, Michigan. The frame is courtesy of Quebec, Canada-based Rolling Thunder and SPS—the latter of whom also fabricated the front fork.


"Speed Demon" comes up for sale on 6th February 2014 at the Les Grandes Marques du Monde au Grand Palais sale in Paris, France. Around here (and whisper this only among trusted friends) we like Harleys plenty. But even for a piece of prime cut beef like this, we're struggling to make some kind of sense out of that price tag.


The pictures, by the way, were expertly snapped by Michael Lichter, perhaps the most established custom motorcycle/biker lifestyle photographer ever. Check his website below.




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