Rare 350cc Triumph 3SW at Bonhams


It looks like a BSA M20, and sounds like a BSA M20, and was (perhaps unsurprisingly) essentially designed by the same bloke who designed the M20 (Val Page: JAP/Ariel/Triumph/BSA/Ariel). But it's a 1940 Triumph 3SW, and that makes it one of the rarest British WW2-era classic/military bikes.



Bonhams is hoping to sell this one at its Harrogate sale in a couple of days (Wednesday 13th November 2013) with an estimate of 2,500 - 3,000.


The 350cc (actually 343cc) bike, we understand, has been substantially rebuilt and carries many (or even most) of the required period touches as demanded by military bike enthusiasts (brass levers, REME plate, field stand, and panniers). And that's exactly who's likely to buy this one, because we don't see much investment potential here.


Yes, it's rare, but that in itself doesn't make it highly desirable. And the performance will be left wanting (we run a 1945 BSA M20, and modern traffic is making it less and less viable every year except for occasional runs when there's a major football match on TV and the roads are quiet).


So it's likely to go to a collector of war department bikes. Here are some details:


1940 Triumph 350cc 3SW Military
Registration number: FNV 147
Frame number: TL 15686
Engine number: M3537298


The current owner bought the 3SW in 2008. A green log book and a V5C is available. Also supplied is a maintenance manual, a replacement parts book, and various handbooks. The 3SW was priced at 54 in 1939.




UPDATE: The Triumph 3SW sold for 4,025.


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