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Looking for a cool 1970s-style full-face lid? Okay. Try this Premier BTR-8 for size. Its retro design faithfully summons the curves and colours of one of the greatest eras in motorcycling. And to ensure you get exactly the right patina, Italian firm Premier has already thrown this one down the road a few times, metaphorically speaking that is. Beyond that, these lids are built to exacting structural standards and are designed to keep you as safe as possible in what can sometimes be a dangerous world.


The shell is an advanced DCA multi-axial structure composed of carbon, dyneema and aramid fibres. And the differentiated density EPS is there to ensure maximum protection when push comes to spill (and if all that petro-chemical molecular jargon means anything to you, you probably need to get out on the bike some more).


Meanwhile, the visor mechanism regulates its shutter movement with two knurled buttons on the lower section. Other features include a clear anti-scratch visor (as standard), double D-ring fastening, a removable and washable moisture-wicking interior, and an odour resistant interior with an "advanced antibacterial fabric". Also, there's an eco-friendly leather finish.


The lid, incidentally, bears the legend: BORN TO RACE. And one way or another, that's pretty much what most of us are doing; racing through our lives whilst hoping that we don't cross the finish line too soon. So if you like this lid, better get tooled up. You never know when stocks will run out.


A quick round up of features...


Full face sports helmet design
Mixed aramid fibre and epoxy resin construction
Two front vents and one rear air exhaust
Removable and washable sanitised interior
Anti-scratch quick release Pinlock ready visor
Double-D ring retention chin strap
Weighs approximately 1350g (+/- 50g


ECE 22-05 is the relevant safety standard. And all Premier helmets carry a five year warranty subject to registration on the 


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We'll happily exchange your new lid for another size (see Sales terms & conditions below), but we'd prefer to get it right first time. No doubt so would you. So here's a sizing chart. Remember that helmets need to be a secure fit (not tight) with limited twisting or rocking movement. Take a tailor's tape measure, loop it around your head just above your ears and across your forehead. Have someone else checking the reading. Then see the chart below. If you wear glasses, factor that in.


XXS 51cm - 52cm

XS 53cm - 54cm

S 55cm - 56cm

M 57cm - 58cm

L 59cm - 60cm

XL 61cm - 62cm

XXL 63cm - 64cm



Sales terms & conditions


Remember, if your helmet choice is wrong, return it to us in as-new condition in the original packaging. We refund without quibbling. This does not affect your statutory rights.




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