2014 model. 103 cubic inch OHV air-cooled V-twin  



Why you might like a Fat Boy Lo ...


Looks: 25 years in production must tell you something.

Vibration: Engine counter balancer quells the worst of it.

Wheels: Maintenance free "Bullet Hole" cast alloy discs.

Saddle: Fat on comfort. You can sleep on it if you have to.

Engine: Bomb proof 45-degree V-twin. Tried, tested, trusted.

Torque: Masses of it for lazy, laid-back touring.

Spares: Anything you want they got it right there in the USA.

Tuning options: HDs are the best supported bikes on Earth.

Depreciation: Fat Boys tend to hold their values well.

Belt final drive: Smooth, clean, quiet, proven.

Footboards: You'll be amazed at how they help on a trip.

Presence: If you want to be king of the road, here's a throne.

Six-speed gearbox/transmission: Think overdrive.

Servicing: You'll never raise another spanner. It's dealer time.

Seat height: Any lower, and you'll be on the deck.

ABS: You'll be thankful for this the first time it kicks in.

Security package: Handy electronic fob helps keep it safe.

Hydraulic clutch: Reliable system. Smooth in operation.



... and why you might not like one


Price: 15,995.

Weight: At around 650lbs (dry), these can break a man's back.

Harley scene: It ain't for everyone. But it ain't compulsory.

Fuel economy: Low at around 40mpg.

Theft: Expect sleepless nights and peeks through the window.

Poseur: Folk will think you bought it only to impress.

Centre stand: Hasn't got one, and why would you want one?

Cornering: It gets around them eventually.

Handling: For want of a better way to express it...

Rain: UK weather will cut your annual riding miles.

Constant trade ups: HD men have nowhere else to go really.

Footbrake: Pretty awful ergonomics.

Gear lever/shifter: Pretty awful ergonomics. But kinda quaint.

Forks: Way too soft for many riders.

Softail rear: Adds extra weight to an already heavy bike.

Denim paint: The matt finish needs special care or it'll shine.



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