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How can I remove seized nuts and bolts on my classic bike?


WD40 | Easy outs | Screw extractor | Penetrating oil | Heat gun  | Impact driver







We've experienced these kind of problems many times on our motorcycles, both classic and modern bikes. Broken bolts. Seized studs. Stuck screws. Immovable nuts. All classic bike mechanics have to deal with this issue routinely. It goes with the territory.


But whether you're battling with a BSA, tussling with a Triumph, mucking around with a Matchless or surrendering to a Sunbeam, we can help solve your problem.


But before you do anything else, STOP IMMEDIATELY, take a deep breath, calm down, have a cuppa and read our: How to remove seized motorcycle nuts and bolts guide.



The worst thing you can do right now is lose your temper with the bike and start hammering or chiselling away blindly. One way or another it can all be sorted. But you have to take it step by step and approach the problem methodically.


Alternately carry on and wreck that magneto, carburettor, crankshaft, fork yoke, gearbox or engine case.


So STOP! STOP! STOP! and read our helpful guide.





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