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What crash helmets are most suitable for classic bikers?


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Telling people what helmet to wear is tricky. Generally, at Sump we think that traditional "open face" crash helmets and "skid lids" look best on classic motorcycles. And that's what we tend to wear. Open face.


However, there's no question that "full faced" crash helmets offer better all round protection. But—and this is very significant—many riders feel "trapped" in a full face crash helmet that venting-a crash-helmetgenerally offers more limited peripheral vision, and are also heavier (and therefore more tiring). So often, the argument is that full face lids offer more protection, but open face helmets help you avoid accidents in the first place.


And remember that there are also flip-front helmets that according to some riders offer the best of both worlds—while, conversely, other riders say these lids offer the worst of both worlds.


Either way, it's a complicated area. That's why we produced our in-depth motorcycle crash helmet page. It's packed with advice and will help you make the right decision.


And while we remember, the most expensive lids are not necessarily the best. But broadly speaking, the very cheapest helmets are likely to be the least effective.


Whatever helmet you buy, the trick is to always ride defensively and thereby avoid getting into a spill or accident. Ride within your limits.

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