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What is a modern classic motorcycle?


Ducati Diavel | Triumph Bobber | Royal Enfield Continental & Interceptor | W800 


A "modern classic motorcycle" is a bike that's generally tipped to be a "future classic". The two terms are basically synonymous.


The Ducati Diavel is one such bike. The Triumph Bobber is another. And there are many other bikes currently on the market (as of 2019) that have that special "magic" or appeal. These motorcycles are instantly popular and are much talked about. Consequently, pundits view them as bikes that will be classics in 10, 20 or 30 years. Or after.


Don't confuse classic with retro


But note that "a modern classic" doesn't simply mean a modern bike styled to look like a classic, such as the Kawasaki W800, the Royal Enfield Continental/Interceptor, or the Triumph Bonneville. These machines are simply retro bikes.


More cynically, pretty much any bike can become a modern classic, if only because in later years that motorcycle takes on some other appeal (such as starring in a movie, or being owned/ridden by a celebrity, or via some vague public whim). And simple rarity can eventually help turn a run-of-the-mill contemporary bike into a "classic". Ultimately, you can decide for yourself which classics will fetch big (or at least bigger) money in the years to come. It's an open field, and a free choice.




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