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What motorcycle autojumbles
are on this weekend?


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Check Sump's motorcycle events pages via the link you've just passed or via the button above.


We list autojumbles, bikejumbles classic bike shows, motorcycle shows, custom bike shows, biker breakfasts, drag strip meetings, motorcycle auctions, hill climbs, parties, club events, sprints, bike demos, rallies and much, much more.


We particularly like to list independent motorcycle shows and the smaller events that might otherwise get overlooked. And we often list fringe shows such as steam rallies, classic car shows and events, classic truck meetings, tractor shows, classic bus gatherings, aviation events, "alternative" jumbles and suchlike.


In short, if it runs on petrol, diesel or aviation fuel, we're interested to hear about it. And we're not anti-electric either.


So if you're organising a motorcycle event of any kind, make sure you let us know. You tell us, and we'll tell the world.






Remember to look at our classic bike news pages too. We often headline shows and events there.


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