Victory Ignition Concept bike

November 2015


Victory Motorcycles | Urs Urbacher | Swiss

Victory Ignition Concept bike


Meet 54-year old Urs Urbacher. He's a Swiss drag racer and custom bike builder who's got something or other to do with Project 156 which, we think, involves a new V-twin engine or something from Victory Motorcycles.


If we sound vague about this, it's because we've been struggling to untangle the message embedded in a wordy and therefore tedious Victory Motorcycles press release, and we've given up with it. That's pretty normal these days: emails getting dumped into our inbox telling us something about someone who did something or other to something else and ... well, it will be in the shops soon if and when we figure out a price.




So it's probably best that you just look at the pretty picture above (Victory sent just the one image, but we found some more on the firm's website— see below) and move onto the next story which is about a mining museum in Derbyshire looking for some memorabilia. And if you meet anyone from Victory Motorcycles, maybe you could tell 'em to sharpen their pencil.




The bottom line is this; if you can't make the press sit up and pay attention, maybe it's time to start sacking your copywriters and marketing people and employ some straight-talking, stripped-to-the-bone talent. To claim your proverbial 15 minutes of fame, you've usually got around 15 seconds. Or less.



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