You can build 'em big. Or you can build 'em
small. But it doesn't mean a thing if you

don't build 'em different...

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Old Empire Motorcycles | Alec Sharp | Rafe Pugh | Suffolk 

Take this lowly Yamaha SR400. Lowly? Well it is if cubic capacity alone is the yardstick by which cool custom bikes are measured. But Messrs Sharp & Pugh clearly don't see it that way. For these guys, more ain't necessarily more, not when you can hit the style bullseye with less and less.

Old Empire Motorcycles Snipe Yamaha SR400 custom


What we like about this motorcycle is the simplicity which, paradoxically, is riddled with detail. At first glance it's interesting, but nothing remarkable. Then you look again and study it for a moment, and then it begins to reveal itself. The theme. The poise. The muted livery. The attention to detail. The subtle boldness. And perhaps most of all, it's got OEM written all over it, and we've got no doubt that Google's satellite could instantly pick this machine out of a thousand customs in a terrestrial car park.


Confidence of a match? 100%.


Now, someone once was speaking about guitarist Eric Clapton and said, "Old slow hand isn't the fastest axeman on the block. But Clapton knows that it isn't all about speed. It's about the choices you make." So it is with custom bikes. Choices. Decisions. The steady development of ideas. The progression. The counterpoints. And the nuances.


Alec Sharp can now tell you in his own words how this bike came about, and if his vision sits comfortably alongside your own, call him up and take it to the next level. Just remember that OEM doesn't do "the same but different." Sharp and Pugh simply do "different". Full stop.


And that's exactly how it should be.




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