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notepad &  fridge magnet

There are plenty of things in life we want to forget.

This sticky little helper is for the things you want to remember



Triumph fridge magnet and magnetic note pad


We have to confess. We ain't the world's biggest fans of fridge magnets. We're more interested in what goes in the fridge (i.e beer) than what goes on it. Nevertheless, we're flogging these here Triumph fridge notepad magnets (based on our existing Triumph T-shirt design) because ... well, because we need to buy more beer to go into the aforementioned fridge. There. You've gone and made us bloody-well say it.


And we also need to keep free-to-view Sump viable in all the other usual ways.


The trouble with the notepads, however, is that when you've used up all the notes, you've also used the last image printed at the top of each sheet leaving you with nothing except the magnetic backing thingy stuck to the fridge. And that ain't very interesting to look at.


So we wanted you to have something nicer than that to remember us by. Hence, we've included a straightforward magnetic doo-dah that you can leave on the fridge for as long as you like. Years maybe. Or maybe even decades.


Smart, huh?


Anyway, the magnetic notepads are 80mm wide x 210mm long/deep. There are around 50 tear-off note sheets, so unless you're Shakespeare, they should last you a year maybe. Maybe much more. The fridge magnets are 85mm wide x 65mm deep.


We're asking 3.99 for the pair, plus P&P. Alternately, just send us some beer. So if that sounds like a deal, proceed to check out ...

Only 3.99

plus P&P. UK 1. EU 4. World 5


UK P&P 1

Royal Mail First Class Delivery

EU P&P 4

Royal Mail Standard International Service


Worldwide P&P 5

Royal Mail Standard International Service







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