"We offer complete

bikes or conversions

to customer


Or we can
supply individual
components all

made in Italy by

skilled handcrafters."

McDeeb "Velofield"



Cool Royal Enfield Bullet "Ride the World"
T-shirt. Four main sizes. Available on black only. £15, plus postage. Click on the shirt for a larger image and a link to the order page.

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All aluminium body strikes that classic

Velocette Thruxton pose. But this is a Royal Enfield built the McDeeb way. Pricey at £14,000 plus change, but a classic recipe served up Italian style and always in fashion.




Like the Velocette Thruxton, the riding

position of this custom Bullet is tight and uncompromising. Not the ideal touring companion, but a great piece of kit for that special Sunday. If Royal Enfield built them this way, they'd sell a hell of a lot more. But would they match the McDeeb quality?




Tuned Bullet engines can take you all

the way to 120mph. That's all the speed you're going to want, and all the speed you'll need.




Click on the picture for a closer look at

this classy McDeeb Six Days Scrambler Royal Enfield EFI is designed for both the off-road and cafe set (but maybe that front mudguard could come up a few inches, what do you say?).


Features include:

Footrests shifted rearward

Comprehensive bashplate

Sheet metal tank fixed by a leather belt

Alloy rims

Modified forks and shocks

Handcrafted alloy side panels (nice)

Weight is 158kgs

Price: £11,200 (12,500 Euros

(as of 16/3/2010). Includes the cost of a brand new Royal Enfield Bullet, or you can use your own Bullet as a donor.


Optional Johnny Brittain Replica kit includes:

Alloy tank

Loud alloy pipe

CNC machined alloy yokes

Shortened final gear




Keep your eyes open for this name.

You'll be seeing a lot more of it.



▲ Top

One of the prettiest Royal Enfields you've ever seen? Or a poor man's Velocette Thruxton? Either way, this is one of those bikes that you're not going to walk past without stopping—unless you're on your way to the emergency ward.

It came to us here at Sump by email; a collection of images together with a page or so of copy. The English was interesting, and the associated website was in Italian, so we ran them both through Google translate in an effort to sort it out. Here's what we think is the story:

Fabrizio Di Bella (McDeeb to his friends) developed the engine bug when he was a teenager and hasn't been able to shake it off. Twelve years ago, after a spell working for Kawasaki's off -road division looking after motocross bikes and ATVs, McDeeb started Classic Farm Motorcycles operating out of the Camonica Valley in Eastern Lombardy, Italy.

Various bikes were built and developed by Classic Farm until the McDeeb range—co founded with partner Roberto Baldo—was launched. The current seven-strong crew includes Mrs McDeeb, or Patty to those who know and love her, Salvo Balli (a former Yamaha racing mechanic), Adriana Bertamino (marketing manager), and Furio Agiman (webmaster).

The aim of the firm is simple: to produce functional, upbeat, modern variations on classic two-wheeled themes, hence the "Velofield" featured here based on the ubiquitous Royal Enfield Bullet and available in a variety of configurations up to 624cc and said to be capable of churning out 54bhp.

Mr McDeeb, being an expert tin & ally-basher, handles all the development work working from wooden patterns. The rest of the team pull together to handle production, development and marketing.

The firm is currently working on an 1000cc v-twin—which we hope to see here at Sump as soon as it appears.

But what price for this stunning looking bike? A complete kit, built from a brand new Enfield, will set you back around 15,500 euros, or £13,967 (prices as of 11th March 2010). Which, come to think of it, is hardly a poor man's Velocette Thruxton.

Alternately, you can take or send Mr McDeeb your own machine for conversion and accept a lower specification until you can afford to upgrade.

But if this doesn't quiet wet your whistle, take a look at the Classic Farm website and see what else is on offer. The machines won't be to everyone's taste, but there's no doubting the passion that went into making these bikes happen.

"We offer complete bikes or conversions to customer specifications.

Or we can supply individual components all made in Italy by

skilled handcrafters," said Mr McDeeb. "We are now looking for

distributors in Europe and overseas."






▲ Mr McDeeb fitting a side panel to his Six Days Scrambler



Specifications: McDeeb "Velofield"

Engine: Race-tuned  612 cc.Royal Enfield air-cooled single.

Cycle parts: hand-beaten aluminum body, black paint with gold threads, Avon-style half fairing, aluminum wheels, sports seat, handlebars lowered into two parts, sweptback exhaust with a Brooklands exhaust manifold. Optional: Standard 500cc engine, kit-535 or Euro 3 fuel injection. Available as a naked bike or with full fairing. Five-speed gearbox with close ratio and left foot change. Smiths competition rev-counter, old-style handlebar controls, McDeeb custom made billet dampers, Ceriani GP forks, front brake disc or four-leading shoe drum, racing exhaust with removable baffle plate, front brake heat sinks, available in silver,

red or green.

Weight: 145 kg

Seat height: adjustable from 76 to 79 cm .



Like to see more of Mr McDeeb's Enfield?

Check out the video link below. You'll love it, and might also get to like the cheesy Spaghetti Western music...













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