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Which oil pump is best for
classic Triumph twins?


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Triumph twin cylinder motorcycle oil pumpsWe've seen on the market a number of oil pumps for Triumph twins. Some are very poor copies made in the Far East. We would strongly recommend that you AVOID these.


Your best options are either original NOS pumps made by the Meriden factory, or pumps made by Morgo or L F Harris.


So how do you recognise a poor quality Far Eastern pump? Well, until you've actually got one in your hands and checked the feel, the fit, and the action, you can't really tell. Yes, the price might well be a good indicationóbut don't count on it. That's why you have to check the provenance.


Before purchasing, you should ask where the pump was manufactured and listen carefully to the answer. And remember, anyone can claim that a pump is a genuine Meriden item, or otherwise. You just have to be diligent and cautious. A poor quality oil pump could soon wreck your motorcycle.


You have a choice between 2-valve pumps, 4-valve pumps and rotary pumps. Check our main Triumph Twin oil pump problems feature for much more on these units.




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