... you know how it is when you think your junk is too precious to throw away?



We ought to house clean more often, which actually means hard-drive clean. But the thing is, the internet loves keywords. That's how it works. So having spent hours or days, or even weeks, creating cool motorcycle web pages and dreaming up keywords and then optimising everything to within an inch of its life, we're naturally reluctant to trash our files simply because they got a little crusty round the edges.


So we got into the typically sloppy habit of stuffing all the ancient copy and jpegs under the bed, which in this context means dumping the aforementioned files somewhere/anywhere on the server and/or leaving the links on the index page or something.


But then we figured we ought to have a proper landing page for anyone who fancies a little archaeological research of the motorcycling kind. The internet search engines prefer it that way, and as Sump grows, we need to stay organised. So here are those files, all spidery, cobwebby, flakey, powdery and ... well, just plain old.


Internet old, that is (which for most people includes pretty much anything that happened as long ago as yesterday).


That said, there's bound to be some classic bike news and general motorcycle features here of interest to someone. Maybe even yourself. So if you want to have a browse, go ahead and start digging. Just watch the mildew. It gets everywhere.


Meanwhile, this landing page will no doubt grow, so come back sometime in the distant future (which in internet terms includes anything that happens after midnight tonight) and re-check our classic bike archive and see what you might have missed when it was dew-picked and fresh.


There's bound to be new old stuff coming down the pike.





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