Left: Tony Pringuer and

his stunning 350cc

1950 Douglas Mk4 sports






Tony Pringeur's 1950 Mk4 Douglas

has one or two non-standard features, but everything is very tastefully done, and the quality of the workmanship is exemplary.




Nimbus made bikes between 1920-1957

The Danish firm Fisker & Nielsen built just the one model based around a 746cc air-cooled
in-line OHV four housed within a pressed steel frame. Final drive was by shaft. At the West Kent Run, you can expect to see many more of these rare and even quirky European bikes. Try not to drool over the tanks.



650cc T120 Triumph-KTM trail bike


Mellie's Triumph-KTM hybrid trailster

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The first week of August. That's when the annual West Kent Run kicks off each year—or International West Kent Run to give it its full title.

No, it's not exactly the catchiest name in the motorcycle events calendar, but this VMCC event, organised by the West Kent Section, is most definitely one of the catchiest shows around and one not to be missed unless you've got compelling reasons to go elsewhere.

What makes it the West Kent so special?

That's simple. It's the large contingent of European and international riders. They come from everywhere; Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Lithuania—and plenty of places that some of us have never heard of. It's a regular United Nations of Motorcycling.

The showground is located at The Friars, in Aylesford, which is near Maidstone in Kent.

The Friars is a pretty God-fearing place, but nicely sheltered with 50 rooms for hire and camping facilities in a spacious patch of sheltered green.

There are camping shower facilities, etc. But there are no electric hook-ups in the grass, so you'll have to bring your own generators/solar cells/wind turbines/etc.

And take note that smoking at the Friars is verboten, and they don't care too much for mutts, either. So leave the hound at home. The policy about having canines out in the field isn't clear. So make some timely enquiries.

Autojumble pitches are 6 metres by 6 metres, and (at the time of writingMarch 2010) cost £15.

Bikes or three-wheelers need to be 25 years old to enter the run and must comply with UK legislation if you plan to motor anywhere.

At the showground, expect static displays, club stands and a gymkhana, plus a lot of tomfoolery.

Overall this is a nice crowd of people. So be one of them this yearand spread the word to your European and overseas chums.

Now take a look at the flick book we've cobbled together and check out some of the bikes and people you're likely to encounter. Press the little Esso men to go forward or backward, and hit the HOME button anytime you want to get back to base.

The next event will be held between Thursday August 5th and Tuesday 10th August 2010. If your tastes lie in




Ingemar Thulin brought his 1937 Harley-Davidson

45 outfit all the way from Sweden to be at the West Kent Run.

Johnny Rudge directed us to this beautiful Ulster,

one of the classiest bikes the British motorcycle industry
ever built and rising in value.






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