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On this page there's good news, and there's ... well, less good news. The good news is that for your convenience we've assembled a collection of motorcycle parts, motorcycle services and motorcycle clubs, all of whom are (a) looking to get their mitts on your hard-earned coin, and/or (b) hoping to have you join their ranks.


The less good news is that we haven't grouped these guys into categories. Why? Because that complicates things for us when we have to decide exactly who goes in what group, which isn't always straightforward. Put simply, life is too short and we've got bikes to ride, and one or two other things to do.


So you'll just have to do a little trawling and hunting until you find the parts or services that you want. This assemblage is growing all the time, so if today we haven't listed what you want, you might have better luck tomorrow.


Note that we've organised the list alphabetically, and we've done that according to first names. Therefore Mick Hemming is listed as an "M" rather than a "H". Does that make sense?


Note too that we're not endorsing any of these guys, but we've got nothing against anyone either. Just exercise your usual caution and let us know if you have serious concerns with any business (as opposed to the usual straightforward trading disputes).




AJS & Matchless Club

A M Philpots

Andy Buys Bikes

Andy Gregory

Ariel Owners Club


Ashford Chroming

Bike Transporter

British Dealer News

British Only Austria

Brough Superior Club

BTH Component Ltd

Burton Bike Bits

C&D Autos

Car Builder Solutions

Castle Chrome

Chronos Tools

Church Street Motorcycles

CJ Powder Coatings

Clarkes Classics

Classic British Motorcycles

Classic Dynamo & Regulators

Classic Transfers

Cosmo Classics

Dave Cooper

Dave Hopwood Hoppy Bikes

Dave Lindsley

Dave Massam Motorcycles

Fast Line Coatings

Goldtop Gloves

Grin Triumph

Greeves Riders Association

Len Haggis




Map Cycles

MDS Batteries

Meriden Motorcycles

Mick Hemmings

Norman Hyde Motorcycles

Norman Motorcycles Club


Panther Owners Club


RJM Motorcycles

R K Leighton

Saddleworth Tyres


Sprint Manufacturing


TMS Motorcycles




Viking Motorcycle Seats

Villiers Services

Vincent Owners Club









       British Dealer News advert


  Speedmotoco - cafe racer, bobber and brat parts  


  Andy Gregory - TriCor - Triumph parts  Armoto - Magnetos, dynamos, stators, rotors, starters


Viking motorcycle seats  CJ Powder Coatings


   SRM classic bike services


Chronos Engineering Supplies=Church Street Motorcycles Ventnor


Sprint Manufacturing: Hinckley Triumph Parts & Accessories  Goldtop Gloves


British Only Austria motorcycle parts  I Say Ding Dong stickers


Norvil Norton Commandos and Dominators from Les Emery  BTH Components Ltd - electronic magnetos


Andy Tiernan Buys Bikes motorcycle sales  Norton Commandos from Mick Hemmings


AJS & Matchless Owners Club   Ariel Owners Club 


Classic British Motorcycles   Brough Superior Club

Norman Hyde Motorcycles   Burton Bike Bits


 Hagon Wheels, Shocks and Springs   Tri-Supply


Map Cycles   C&D Autos 


Villiers Services    Panthers Owners Club 


   Venhill Motorcycle Cables, Hoses and Tools   Len Haggis - BSA Gold Stars

 Hitchcock Motorcycles - Royal Enfield   Halcyon Goggles

Saddleworth Classic Motorcycle Tyres   TMS Motorcycles - Triumph spares 


    Bike Transporter Services   R K Leightonb Seats and Saddles

Dave Cooper Bike Racks and Trailers   MDS Batteries


Plasweld - Motorcycle plastic repairs   Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions






























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