Which motorcycle insurance
firm is best?

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Which motorcycle insurance firm is best?

Which motorcycle insurance firm is cheapest

What's the penalty in the UK for riding without motorcycle insurance?

Will comprehensive cover allow me to lawfully ride any motorcycle?

How do I complain about an insurance company?

How can I get cheaper motorcycle insurance?



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THIS QUESTION is easy to answer. They're all the best, and they're all lying, thieving, backsliding bastards. In other words, it simply depends on who you talk to—and, more specifically, when you talk to them.


Over the years we've bought insurance from dozens of firms. Most have been pretty reasonable, helpful and reasonably priced. And we've enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with one or two of them. But then the fruit soured as it always does eventually.




A change in management. A change in pricing. A change in conditions. A change in the weather. A change of underwear. And any number of other changes. Put simply, things change.


Once or twice we've been lured away by other firms offering a better deal. Once or twice we've been scared away by firms whose customer service was unsatisfactory. More than once or twice we've settled not so much for the best firm, but for the least worst firm.


Ultimately, there's no substitute for simply shopping around—and that could turn your hair white and curve your spine because a broker can take anything up to an 60 minutes to drag you through a huge list of questions, terms and conditions—not to mention having to hang on the line forever listening to irritating recorded messages and even more irritating pop music.


Come to think of it, maybe that's why insurers keep us fishes on the line for so long. At the end of 40 minutes or an hour, we've usually given up the search and are happy to be hooked by anyone with a little bait.


So which insurance firm is the best? None of them and all of them. It just depends on who's upset you lately, and who hasn't.


But if you want a practical starting point, just ask around. Check the online forums, and check online reviews, but remember that all information is likely to be out of date. Therefore, a company might have substantially cleaned up its act, or, conversely, got worse over the last few months or years.


Just try and get the latest information you can. So check dates. Ask intelligent questions. And—we should mention—try and view negative comments from the point of view of an insurance firm. It can be revealing.


Does that answer your question?




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