Biker's Dream Mini Pump

28th June 2016


Mini pump | Roadside repair kit | Touring bikes


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Bikers Dream mini foot pump


What can we say? The idea of carrying a foot pump in your saddlebag, top box, side bag or whatever isn't exactly appealing. These devices are usually pretty feeble and flimsy when miniaturised, and are generally unacceptably bulky when you've got something worth shelling out for.


But the people marketing this "Bikers Dream Mini Foot Pump" reckon that it's "an essential addition to any rider's roadside repair kit." We're further advised that this device is ideal for everyone from commuters to tourers, especially those who travel to far flung places, etc.


Additionally, this pump is claimed to be more accurate than many garage forecourt gauges, and it saves "the hassle of having to carry change or deal with fiddly tokens." You can decide how much of this you want to swallow, and for all we know it's a great little pump. Maybe we're just footpumpaphobic or something.


Anyway, the dimensions are said to be 190mm x 100mm x 80mm when packed, and it weighs 550 grams. That, we're advised, is a little more than a can of chain lube. It's made from DuPont ABS and aluminium. There's a "high volume" mode, a one-metre long hose, a digital gauge, a dual valve head (for bicycles) and adaptors for footballs and airbeds.


It's German built, by the way, and "inflates a rear [BMW] R1200GS tyre from 0psi to 38psi in less than 3 minutes!"


If we were travelling somewhere remote, we'd probably want something like this in our kit. But we haven't seen it up close, so we haven't road tested it, so you're on your own with this one.


The price is 39 including VAT. We don't know how many shops sell this pump. But we heard it first from Nippy Normans which specialises in BMW accessories, so that's the link below. Go check it out if it pumps your tyres.





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