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▲ 2019 Rocket 3R and Rocket 3 GT. Are these the ugliest motorcycles so far manufactured by Hinckley Triumph? We're not sure, but they're certainly up there on one of the podiums. Yes, these street dragsters look macho and in-yer-face, and it's easy to be wowed by the huge power and torque figures. But style and elegance has clearly been rejected in favour of muscle-bound brashness. That said, there's bound to be a long queue for the latest incarnation of the Rocket 3 roadshow. The GT is on the left. It's aimed more at the touring rocketeer as opposed to the sporting rider. That's where the R model wades in (eyes right). Traction control. Cornering ABS. Dual Brembo M4.30 Stylema four-piston calipers up front. A single Brembo M4.32 4-piston monobloc caliper at the rear. Various riding modes (one configurable). Aluminium frame. A 17-inch front wheel followed not-too-closely by a 16-incher. A TFT display. LED lighting. 165bhp @ 6,000rpm. 163lb-ft (221Nm) of torque @ 4,000rpm. Torque-assist clutch. Six-speed gearbox. 47mm Showa front fork. Adjustable footrests. And more accessories than Inspector Gadget. No prices or delivery date. Yes, they're British, beautifully engineered and will bring home some export bacon. However...




August 2019


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125cc Mutt Mastiff


2019 Mutt 125 Mastiff


Would this dog give you a bone? Mutt Motorcycles is certainly hoping that it will stir your loins and encourage you to put your hand in your pocket. The Birmingham firm, which specialises in small-but-perfectly-formed funked-up motorcycles, calls this dog the Mastiff and is currently touting it as the top of its range. Powered by the same 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, Chinese-built Suzuki clone, Mutt has thrown extra knobbly rubber on the 18-inch wire wheels, enlarged the fuel tank by 5 litres to 17 (when compared to other models in the range), has bolted on a stainless steel exhaust, a heavy duty sump guard, LED indicators and numerous treats hidden everywhere in plain sight. And because the Mutt guys are bikers through to the core, they know exactly what's likely to turn on their customers. [More...]




Captain America crash helmet from HJC


Captain America helmet


So okay, it doesn't look exactly like Captain America's famous headwear. But this is reality, not a comic strip, and in the real motorcycle world you need real world protection for your noggin. Right? And why the hell shouldn't HJC cash-in on Captain America popularity? He's still a pretty hot ticket, and we're all super heroes on our bikes, and you've got to keep the money moving. This redesigned lid is called the RPHA 11. Catchy. Not. That aside, it retails for £499. It's available now. The features include: [More...}


KTM Adventure R Rally


KTM Adventure R Rally


KTM has revealed details of its new 790 Adventure R Rally, the latest off-road addition to the Austrian fold that takes the current highly competent 790 Adventure R platform to the next level. The prime difference between this 2019 special edition model (limited to 500 units, note) is the addition of the XPLOR PRO 7548 suspension kit which replaces the standard WP springs. With its front fork cone valve technology offering "unlimited damping" to preclude the risk of bottoming, there's now 30mm of extra travel—but at the expense of the seat height which has been hiked from 880mm to 910mm. So shorter pilots are going to feel that rise where they'd probably just as soon not feel it. But the narrowness of the bike/saddle still offers a relatively short path to ground. Meanwhile, the rear shocker's Progressive Damping System (PDS) offers "easily adjustable damping behaviour". [More...]





Kawasaki W, H & Z book


The first thing we noticed when we received our review copy of this book is simply that the cover is dull and boring. Sorry to say it, but the main image just isn't inspiring, and the heading and sub-heading looks pretty klunky, style-wise.


The next thing we noticed was when we opened the book; most of the images are small, or fairly small. We flipped through the covers and couldn't find a single full page picture.


More than once we've criticised Veloce Publishing for that omission. All books, we feel, deserve at least two or three VERY LARGE images meaning a full page if not a two page spread.


That said, there are a couple of half-pagers tucked away here, and the vast majority of the other images are at least reasonable-to-good quality. As for the writing, it's a little convoluted in places, so you occasionally have to read a sentence more than once to understand what's being said. [More...]



BMW S 1000 RR Evotech accessories


BMW S1000 RR upgrades


Evotech Performance, based in Alford, Lincolnshire, has released details of its range of upgrades and accessories for the 2019 BMW S 1000 RR. There are 11 new products on offer. These are:


EP Tail tidy
EP Radiator/Oil Cooler Guard Set
EP Crash Protectors
EP Front Wheel Spindle Bobbins
EP Rear Wheel Spindle Bobbins
EP Front Brake & Clutch Lever Protector Set
EP Front Brake Protector Kit
EP Clutch Lever Protector Kit
EP Bar End Weights
EP Pillion Footrest Blanking Plate Kit
EP Paddock Stand Bobbins


The accessories will also fit the S 1000 RR Sport and the S 1000 RR with M package. And naturally you can buy the parts individually or as a set, but once again we haven't been given prices. So talk directly to the manufacturer. [More...]



2019 Gold Wing arrives


Honda Motorcycles has sent us details of the firm's latest variation on the Gold Wing theme. And we're pleased to report that the weight has gone down rather than up.


The idea, clearly, is to make a virtue out of what this bagger-styled bike hasn't, rather than what it has. And to stick a cherry on this particular cake, the asking price has come down hugely.


As reported on Sump in late 2017, the engine is a 1,833cc liquid-cooled flat six promising 124bhp and 125lb-ft of torque. The weight has been cut by 105lbs (48kg), largely by trimming fat all over the bike (including the engine and transmission). The rear top box has been given the elbow. The electrically operated screen has been truncated. [More...]


Click the link for: May 2019 motorcycle news from Sump



Motorcycle workshirt



Sump workshirt £26.99

All purpose street & garage wear


We spend much of our miserable lives in the garage. Usually we're fixing bikes and stuff, and all too often we're re-fixing the stuff we ought to have fixed properly the first time around.


So it goes.


Anyway, we wanted to increase our product range (that's partly how we fund Sump) and we've been thinking for some time about introducing workshirts and general shirts that we might want to wear when the weather closes in—which is most of the time in the UK. Anyway, this is the result; our first Sump branded garage/all purpose shirt.


The Sump logo is featured above the left-side pocket only (notice how we cunningly avoided saying "breast"?). The image quality is very good and will last the life of the shirt.


We think these are pretty good quality and worth the money. First come, first served, etc.


Hit the button below, baby...





BSA motorcycle workshirt



BSA M20/M21

workshirt £26.99

All purpose street & garage wear


Seems that plenty of folk love our BSA M20/M21 T-shirt design which features the above roundel. So, to widen the appea we decided to reproduce it on a more formal shirt that you might want to wear in the garage or in the magistrate's court.


The shirts are 100% cotton twill, which means they're tougher than ordinary cotton. We wear these ourselves, and we're perfectly happy with them—and we're nothing if not hard to please. Follow the links and see if they're right for you (Hint: they probably are).


The BSA M20/M21 roundel is featured above the left-side pocket only. And when you wear this, other BSA folk will notice and might even become your friend and take you out for walks and stuff. It happens.


The image quality is very good and will last the life of the shirt. You know you want it, and you know we've got it.



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