The 1050cc Triumph Speed Triple for 2016. Two new variants on the way. See the main Speed Triple story below for details


November 2015


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BMW R nineT model: £75

We're assuming that the detail on this BMW R nineT model is as good up close as the vendor claims. But the fact is, we haven't seen the model, and the snapshots were hopelessly inadequate and told us very little. [More...]





Victory's mini-makeover


We're all invited to visit Victory Motorcycles' stand at this year's Motorcycle Live event at the NEC and see if we can spot the differences between the 2016 Vegas or Vegas 8 Ball, and the 2015 models. The clue is the "Falchion" wheels (named after a single-handed, single-bladed European sword or something) ... [More...]




Benelli's new scrambler?

We'd be a lot more enthusiastic about this recently proposed Benelli Leoncino scrambler (or pseudo scrambler) were it not for the fact that the parent company is Chinese; specifically, the Qianjiang Group (one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world). [More...]

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Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer...

We can't decide what we think about Moto Guzzi's new 850cc V9 Roamer that's tipped for production in 2016. On the one hand, it looks like a perfectly usable, modest and decent roadster-cum-general hack. But on the other hand, it already looks dated and, in the main, might have been styled at pretty much any time since, say, 1990. [More...]




... and a Guzzi V9 bobber


That's right, a factory bobber from Moto Guzzi, and possibly one of the most desperate looking bikes on the motorcycle market at the present time. Basically, it's a V9 Roamer (see the item on the left) with black paint, fat tyres, a couple of strips of yellow & black chequer tape and ... and that's it. It isn't even bobbed (aside from maybe trimming a couple of millimetres from the mudguards). [More...]




Triumph's flaming promise


Flaming? Well it certainly lit our fuse because this story doesn't sound like it's worth the paper the press release was written on (and is fit only for a match). The long and short of it is that if you visit Motorcycle Live between 28th November 2015 and 6th December 2015 and pick up a FAST TRACK PRIORITY BOOKING FORM and order a new Triumph Bonneville by 14th December 2015, Triumph promises to ... well, to fast track your order come the new year. [More...]


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Harley-Davidson Slim S


USS Milwaukee Hog

The Yanks have just launched the new 3,500 metric tonne USS Milwaukee (LCS-5). It's a Freedom Class littoral combat ship, and the fifth ship in the US Navy to bear the name "Milwaukee". But what does littoral mean? Well, it means "close to the shore", or "in inshore waters". To mark the occasion, a customised Harley-Davidson has been commissioned bearing US Navy motifs and colours. [More...]


Gerbing heated gloves


Gerbing XRS-12 gloves


If you haven't yet got yourself a pair of heated gloves for your autumnal riding, we might suggest the above Gerbing XRS-12 shorty heated gloves that you can hook up to your onboard 12-volt battery and help put some of the fun back into your commute or joyride. Of course, we all know that real biking men don't need heated gloves. When they get close to frostbite, they simply stop at the roadside, slaughter a warm-blooded mammal, and stick their mitts inside the steaming, claret-filled carcass for ten minutes or so. [More...]



Ducatia XDiavel cruiser for 2016


Ducati XDiavel cruiser

Ducati has wowed visitors at this year's EICMA Show by revealing its new XDiavel cruiser. Powered by the 1,262cc twin-cylinder Testastretta engine (with up-to-the-minute variable valve timing), this new belt-driven addition to Ducati's increasingly compelling range of thoroughbred hardware is aimed squarely at the macho cruising scene currently populated by the likes of Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki & Co. [More...]


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Wheelrider top box system


Wheelrider top box idea

If you're into crowd-funding, this might interest you. Stefano Mangini, a time-served biker, is looking for backers for his novel motorcycle top box project. [More...]


Honda CB4 concept bike


Honda CB4 concept

A lot of people are talking about this bike as a spin-off from the current Honda CBR650F. And that may or may not be true. But we think that in spirit at least, it's actually a successor to Honda's near legendary CB400-4 which was once about as cool as you could get in the mid-capacity range of "Jap crap". [More...]



BMW Sport helmet recall


BMW Sport helmet recall


Yes, we know the lid above is flashing and doing animated things, etc. We did that on purpose because over-reaction is evidently where it's at these days, and we wanted to go with the flow and get all excited and hot under the collar and neurotic, etc. What's happened is that someone has recently noticed that the BMW Sport Helmet above doesn't fully meet the mandated EC standard, so they're all being recalled, trashed and replaced. [More...]


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News from Mitas tyres - Terra Force R


Mitas Terra Force-R

Mitas Tyres has sent us details and mugshots of its new rubber hoop, the Terra Force-R. Here's what the firm actually says:


"Radial dual purpose tyre with a more street oriented tread pattern offers an excellent traction on wet or dry roads and outstanding performance on light off-road surfaces. Special emphasis is made on durability and stable performance of the tyre through its entire lifetime. With optimized block design Terra Force-R ensures great straight-line stability." [More...]



New BMW R nineT Scrambler


BMW R nineT Scrambler

When you've read this story, you can click on the image above for a close up peek at BMW's new R nineT Scrambler for 2016 which has just been unveiled. This is a cost-cutting dirtster (can we register that name - Ed?) based upon the current R nineT platform. [More...]



Indian's new Scout Sixty


Indian Scout Sixty for 2016

The word "Sixty" refers to the engine size. Meaning 60 cubic inches, which translates as 999cc. This is Indian's latest spin on the 2015 Scout platform, and it's going to be somewhere around £1,500 cheaper than the 69-cubic inch (1,133cc) parent model. Therefore, come 2016, you can ride away on one for maybe less than £9,000. Sterling.



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200cc Suzuki VanVan - new for 2016


200cc Suzuki VanVan

The diminutive Suzuki VanVan gets bigger every year and is in danger of losing its wind-up rubber band cuteness. Last year, for instance, it was a 125cc runabout with those now familiar balloon tyres, spacious saddle, wide 'bars and a tiny 1.4 gallon (6.5 litre) fuel tank. For 2016, the capacity of the single cylinder air-cooled engine jumps from 125cc to 200cc, and for VanVan riders, that's nose bleed country. [More...]



Moto Guzzi V7II Stornello Scrambler


Guzzi V7 II Stornello

We ought to say in full: "Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello". That's a better key phrase for Google purposes. But it wouldn't fit the available space above, so we got what we got. That aside, this is a new scrambler style bike anxious to cash-in on the current street-bike-masquerading-as-a-dirt-machine fad. [More...]



New Explorer from Triumph


Triumph Explorer for 2016


Triumph is boasting six new Explorers for the coming year. The road-focussed variants are the XR, XRx and XRt models. For off-road, there are the XC, XCx, XCa machines. All machines share the same 1215cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 6-speed, shaft-drive triple engine. Features (on most models) include cornering ABS and traction control, semi-active suspension, an electronic hill-hold control, and an electrically-adjustable screen. But the entry-level bikes in each series will, naturally enough, be equipped to a lower specification. Perhaps the most significant leap forward ...[More...]


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Yamaha MT-10 - new for 2016


Yamaha's new MT-10

This bike has just been revealed at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy (from where most of the current glut of motorcycle news is coming). Essentially, this Yam is the new fairy at the top of the MT tree with a rolling chassis based upon the YZF-R1S as imported into the US market (basically a more wimpy R1). Except that this bike is a wolf minus its outer skin (fairing) and is stripped and fattened for hooligan business on the mean streets of ...well, Dunstable, Lytham St Annes, Nether Wallop and any number of English villages, towns and cities. [More...]



Ducati Sixty2 Scrambler


Ducati Sixty2 Scrambler

The first Ducati Scrambler was launched in 1962. That's what Ducati reckons. So the firm decided to call this new (nominally) 400cc model the "Sixty2". What makes this mo'sickle very interesting is (a) the cubic capacity at just 400cc, and (b), the daring colours which we think are knockout (but less so for the lemon curd version). [More...]



Genuine Sump T-shirt


Genuine Sump T-shirt

Remember that movie The China Syndrome starring Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas? That was where the Californian nuclear reactor went critical and nearly melted its core and ended up in Peking. That reactor almost ran out of water or something. Well we had a similar problem when we nearly ran out of these T-shirts. [More...]


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BMW logo


BMW's big bike sales

200,000 bikes built and sold per annum by 2020. That's BMW's latest meisterplan. And yes, we know that you're not supposed to start a sentence with a numeral. But these are very BIG numerals, so we thought we'd break with literary convention. Currently, the firm is producing around 123,000 motorcycles each year either in the big bike sector, or the much bigger biker sector. But... [More...]



MV Brutale 800


2016 MV Brutale 800 leak

Meccanica Verghera Agusta (more commonly known simply as MV) has been busy leaking images and footage of its new Brutale 800 set for production in 2016. There's a video right now on YouTube showing a bunch of factory workers assembling the new model at MV's plant in Varese, near Milan, Italy. [More...]


Motorcycle news from Australia - filtering regulations


Oz filtering & splitting regs


In the UK, there's a lot that we take for granted. Lovely wet weather, for instance. Tailgating drivers. Crowded streets. Multiculturism. But at least we can filter through traffic on our motorcycles—and not everyone on the planet can do that legally. However, the legislators in the Australian state of Victoria have finally woken up to the manifold benefits of lane-filtering, and as of 2nd November 2015, filtering is legal.



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Harley-Davidson logo


H-D military training offer

Harley-Davidson is extending its Riding Training Academy initiative by offering free training to US service people between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016. Why? Because US soldiers and suchlike have a poor accident record on motorcycles.



David Beckham's Outlaw movie for Belstaff


Beckham's Bonnie movie

Ex-footballer-turned-fashion-eye-con, David Beckham, has made a new Outlaw movie for Belstaff, the (now) upmarket clothing brand. The movie is terrible, and Beckham is awful in it, but we just couldn't pass this cinematic road accident without having a gawp.





Moto Guzzi V9


Moto Guzzi V9 leaked

Is it a scrambler? A roadster? A factory custom? Or is it just a lot of fuss about nothing? And are all these styling distinctions getting a bit ho-hum? Moto Guzzi certainly feels it's worth posting a teaser video on YouTube and then, in the time-honoured tradition, tipping off the world's media. [More...]


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Touratech Adventuro crash helmet


Touratech Adventuro Mod

What the hell does "pre-order" mean? And how is "pre-order" different from "order"? These days, everyone's saying it. But we can't figure it out. Looks like it's time for another beer, and while we're guzzling that, we'll tell you what little we know about the new Touratech Adventuro Mod flip-front lid that you can "pre-order" and pre-sumably pre-wear on your next adventure into the wilderness. [More...]



Inidan Chief brake recall


Indian Chief brake recall

Nobody panic! It's probably nothing to get excited about. But until you get it looked at, it might not be a good idea to go out riding. We're talking about the rear brake on your Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, Chieftain and Roadmaster manufactured between January and October 2015. [More...]





BMW G310R single

This is what happens when a German pops out for an Indian; he returns with a 313cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, single cylinder roadster. It's a long time since BMW built a motorcycle this small (not to be confused with their divisive and not very successful 125cc C1 enclosed scooter). But their pint-sized projectile is on the way, courtesy of a BMW factory in India. [More...]


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Givi camera bag


Dozy Givi camera bag

Here's a brainless idea from Givi. It's a tank-top camera bag with the legend CAMERA BAG printed on the side in bold type. You can use this piece of loony luggage as a shoulder bag too, but it will still be telling the neighbourhood pond life that you're carrying equipment that could be valuable and is easily transportable. In fact, Givi has even supplied the bloody bag. [More...]


Brough Superior SS100 delivery news


Brough SS100 delivery

In case you thought Mark Upham's revitalised Brough Superior project has stalled, it seems that it hasn't. The keys to the first bike are to be handed over during a wine and canapés ceremony in London on 3rd December 2015. The buyer is Eric Patterson; the same Eric Patterson who owns and runs Kempton Park Autojumble and who has in recent years become an inveterate record-breaker at Bonneville Salt Flats piloting his Norton-Jap and Viscount racers. [More...]



New Triumph Speed Triple for 2016


New Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Motorcycles has officially released details of the 2016 Speed Triple. There are actually two models: the Speed Triple S, and the Speed Triple R. We're advised that there are 104 engine changes, but the capacity remains the same at 1050cc. Features include a new cylinder head, revised combustion chambers, a reworked crank, new pistons, and a smaller (but supposedly more efficient) radiator.



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Triumph T100 EFI carb tops


EFI T100 carb tops

We stumbled upon these finned goodies simply through trawling the net and looking for interesting stuff, etc. So they might not be all that new. But never mind, we like 'em. And so might you. These lumps of machined billet aluminium are designed to screw right on to your fake carburettors on your late model T100 Bonneville that's fitted with electronic fuel injection (EFI). [More...]




Kickback Custom Show poster


Kickback Custom Show

There are better things to do around Christmastime than sit beside a tree stuffed with turkey and watching the usual rubbish on the box. [More...]




Magnum Bullet motorcycle clock


Magnum Bullet Clock

Does anyone, aside from a motorcycle cop, really need a clock on a bike? We saw the movie Easy Rider and remember how Peter Fonda threw his wristwatch away at the start of his adventure with Dennis Hopper. So we're on message. But evidently, Custom Cruisers didn't watch that film, because they've gawn and added this thing (above) to their catalogue of Magnum Accessories. [More...]

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Waxed cotton saddlebags from Triumph Motorcycles


T120 waxed cotton bags

That's right. Waxed cotton, not leather, and not plastic or Cordura. Waxed cotton. Triumph Motorcycles has just introduced these saddle bags as ideal accessories for your 2016 T120 Bonneville (you are planning on buying one, aren't you?). [More...]







Suzuki Motorcycles logo


Suzuki's angular warning

We were scrolling through Suzuki's website studying the details of the 2016 Bandit 1250S ABS when we came across this warning. Can't remember ever seeing this from another manufacturer. But then, we don't get out too much anymore. Here's the text: [More...]




Yamaha XSR700


Yamaha XSR700 coming...

Still no prices yet for the new Yamaha XSR700, the bike that's supposed to pick up where the fabled XS650 left off way back in 1985. But this new funky Yam is a lot closer to the extant MT-07 by borrowing the engine and transplanting it into a street roadster. Features include a leather saddle, an ally fuel tank & ally front mudguard, an "old school" headlight, and ABS.



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Otok electric bicycle


OtoK electric bicycle

You need to go to Barcelona, Spain to watch herds of these Oto electric bicycles in the wild. Or maybe not herds, but the numbers are apparently steadily growing. This is the OtoK model. There's a lithium-ion battery in the dummy fuel tank. There's a 36V 500W brushless motor in the rear hub (that, we're told, returns 52Nm of torque). [More...]



Vincent Rapide Shadowised


Foggy's £40,000 Vincent

Four times World Superbike Champion Carl Fogarty aided by racers Jamie Whitham and Phil Read picked the winning ticket for a £40,000 Vincent "Shadowised" Rapide draw at the National Motorcycle Museum (NMM) on 31st October 2015.


RE alloy clutch drum for Enfield Bullet



New Enfield alloy drums

We're talking clutch drums, not brake drums. And the firm you need to talk to is Burton Bike Bits. These drums are now available for a range of Royal Enfield motorcycles. [More...]




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Biker Down logo


Biker Down scheme

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) is backing this new scheme. Called Biker Down!, it comes in the wake of an alarming rise in motorcycle crashes in the British capital. Accidents were up almost 10 percent between 2013 and 2014. In hard numbers, that's up from 454 to 501. [More...]



Reproduction Kawasaki Z1 exhaust system


Repro Z1 Kawasaki pipes

The price is £1,091.22 for this new chromed steel Z1/Z900 reproduction exhaust system. And if that's too steep, maybe you should consider owning a cheaper motorcycle icon. The firm behind this is aftermarket parts specialist WMD. We hear that these pipes play much the same tune as before and need no carb re-jetting, but the build quality is higher than original equipment. [More...]


Motorcycle News job offered


Online editor job offered

Motor Cycle News is looking for an online editor. The job will be based at Lynchwood, near Peterborough. The brief is to create "brilliant must-click" content, handle the social media aspects of the site, apply SEO best practices, ensure that headlines meet MCN's "quality and tone" and generally be one of the boys and a team player, etc. [More...]



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Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja for 2016


2016 ZX-10R Ninja video

The new 2016 Ninja ZX-10R from Kawasaki is expected to be packed even tighter with features and race-derived technology that will leave most of the competition way behind. The liquid-cooled DOHC engine dimensions are the same at 76mm bore x 55mm stroke giving a familiar 998cc. Transmission is still 6-speed via a wet multi-plate slipper clutch. The weight is still around 450lbs, all up. But what makes this motorcycle so far ahead is... [More...]



Original style Bell custom 500 crash helmet


Bell Custom 500 helmet

Above is the new "Bell Street 2016 Custom 500 Adult Helmet Stripes Pearl White". That appears to be the official (albeit clunky) designation. The features include a low-profile composite fibre glass shell, 5 shell sizes, a custom-quilted liner, a padded chin-strap with D-ring fasteners, and a bag to put it in. [More...]



Bell 500 helmet in carbon fibre


Bell custom 500 carbon

If you want the classic Bell 500 low-profile look but with up-to-the-minute materials technology, maybe you need this carbon lid. It's just been launched. The full name is: "Bell Street 2016 Custom 500 Carbon Adult Helmet Carbon RSD Bomb". The features include a composite carbon-fibre shell, a custom suede interior liner, a leather goggle strap, a Multi Density EPS Liner, and a padded chin-strap with D-ring closure. [More...]


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Honda CB750 wristwatch


Honda CB750 watch

If you run a classic Honda CB750, or merely aspire to ownership of one, you've simply got to have this Honda CB750 wristwatch, haven't you? Well haven't you? While you're thinking about that, we'll tell you something about this new chronometer. It's stainless steel with a 43mm dial. The design emulates the speedometer of a CB750. The 000.4 trip meter refers to the four cylinders of the bike (but doesn't actually do anything on this watch). The 00750 reading on the odometer refers to the engine capacity (this doesn't actually do anything either). And you can order the green face readout from 0 - 220kph, or 0 - 140mph. The price is EUR119. Cheap and nasty? Bargain of the century. Timeless kitsch. You tell us.





John Bonham's 650cc Triumph chopper


John Bonham's chop sold

Fans of Led Zeppelin and 1970s choppers will be interested in this story. Zep drummer, John Bonham, bought a cool Triumph 650cc chop way back in 1970. He's (long) since departed this earth, but his wheels are very much alive and rolling. And they've just been sold in the USA. Follow the link for the full story and some more pics.


650cc Triumph chopperfrom John Bonham


John Bonham/Led Zeppelin chopper



Tyre monitoring device - TP-91


TP-91 tyre monitoring

We don't know much about these devices, but we're tipping you the wink because it's out there (or soon will be) and might be of interest. As of today (5th Nov 2015), it's not in stock, and there are no prices yet. So keep an eye on it if this is your thing. Designed for cruisers, this monitoring gizmo sits on your handlebars and, via a sensor on each wheel, watches how much air you've got. Seems that it needs professional installation. Here are some techy numbers:



Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
Operating Temperature: -20°C - +60°C
Pressure Range: 0-4.5 Bar / 0-65 Psi


Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
Operating Voltage: 12v (+/- 3v)
Operating Temperature: -40°C - +85°C


Got it?




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Skegness Beach Racing

Here's the date: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November 2015. It takes place on Skegness Beach, Lincs. The main race, which is 3 hours long, will cost you £100 to enter (in advance; or plus another £30 on the day). That's the adult solo class. Top prize is £1,000 (also for the adult solo class). Other classes include quad, sidecar, clubman, youth and veteran. At the moment (4th November 2015), around 120 brave souls have booked to race, but that number is expected to rise. Last year, we're advised that around 313 entrants raced and 30,000 people watched. Expect trade stalls, safety barriers, food, and a whole lot of sand. Racing, we understand, will be interrupted by the tides. The organiser is the Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) For more details, check their site.







Crusher Maverick Slips

Indian Scout owners look this way. These new slip-on mufflers have just been introduced by (performance gurus) Crusher and, as ever, are designed to boost power and enhance looks and generally sex-up your wheels, etc. The company promise is that you'll save around 14lbs (6.3 kilos) and will see your engine stomp jump by ... well, 5%. But don't knock it, because that's just the starting point. Remap the engine and muck around with the induction and you'll be looking at even more horses depending on your tuning specifics. These pipes are manufactured in the USA from chromium plated steel, brushed stainless steel, and billet aluminium. The price is £451.20.




EICMA 2015

The organisers boast that this is the biggest event in the world dedicated to two wheels. We'll take 'em at their word because statistics make us fall asleep. Regardless, this is arguably the premier show in the motorcycle trade calendar, and if you want to visit, you've got to haul your ass all the way to Milan, Italy. It's open from 19th - 22nd of November 2015, with limited/restricted access for the trade and the biking press. Public opening hours are 10am to 6.30pm every day except Friday 20th November when you can loiter until 10pm. Worth a trip? We think so. Milan's a great city. A full adult ticket is €21. Expect to see a lot of tinsel tarts parading their flesh, which underlines what the Italians (and most of the rest of the world) think of women. But let's not go there, huh?



H   O   M   E

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S   H   O   P


Bonneville speedo and rev-counter 2016


Bonneville teaser video

Has Triumph shot its bolt a little too soon? We're talking about the new family of Bonnevilles due for sale in 2016. There are many months between now and then, and having lit our fuses, Hinckley now has to ensure that they don't get snuffed out by other winds of desire, etc. To that end, Triumph has posted a YouTube video and made the odd muffled phone call telling biking journos where to look for the latest teaser info. It's on YouTube, and you can take a look by copying this URL:




Don't bother clicking because, for technical reasons, we de-linked it. Meanwhile, you can decide for yourself if the style of the video is a little too trendy (hint; it is a little too trendy). Buy British if you can.



Kawasaki Vulcan SE ABS


Vulcan S SE for 2016

Kawasaki has revealed details of its 2016 Vulcan S SE. The new bike is the same as the standard S model (for 2015) except for the colour with its fetching green highlights. Here at Sump, we quite like this 649cc, liquid-cooled, 83.0mm x 60.0mm (bore and stroke), 6-speed parallel twin not least because of the lowly £6,049 price tag, plus maybe another £150 to put it on the road. ABS is standard. The seat height is also lowly at 27-inches (703mm). Multipoint fuel injection. Chain final drive. An optional screen is around £150, and there are plenty of factory and aftermarket extras (see the news item on the right). Lastly, ask your dealer about Kawasaki's ERGO-FIT™ concept whereby you (optionally) pay extra for longer/shorter 'bars or different seats, etc, to suit your height or build. Sounds like a minefield of issues there. Think about it.



Kawasaki Vulcan S highway pegs and engine bars


Kawasaki Vulcan S goodies

R&G Racing in Hampshire has announced details of accessory engine bars, a tail tidy, a radiator guard, a backrest, highway footpegs, and rider pegs for the 649cc parallel twin Kawasaki Vulcan S cruiser. The first three items on this list are, we hear, available now. The rest will be available soon. The engine bars are £191.66. The tail tidy is £83.33. The radiator guard is £49.99. No prices yet for the other parts. And note that all prices are plus VAT. Talk to your Kawasaki dealer for details (and you might mention new tank traction grips, bar ends, and swinging-arm protectors. They're in the pipeline too).



H   O   M   E

T   O   P

S   H   O   P




2016 Zero electric range

The Z-Force Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor is still air-cooled for this season, but Zero tells us that it's more efficient. A new $1,988 Charge Tank is coming, meaning a "Level 2 charging system designed to work with the J1772 standard plug in use at public charging stations". Zero’s 9.8-kWh battery pack can, we hear, be charged to 95 percent in "about" 2 hours. The 13.0-kWh battery pack takes about 3 hours. Zero dealers can retro-fit this kit to 2015 models. Charge time to 100 percent with the stock 1.3-kWh integrated charger for the 13.0 pack is 8.9 hours. With the Power Tank added, it takes 10.8 hours. Range is said to be up. Weight is down. The 2016 Zero S ZF9.8 & DS ZF9.8 start at $10,995. The S & DS with ZF13.0 are $13,995. The SR and DSR are $15,995.


Zero Motorcycles




Street 750: Still £5,795

£5,795 is as low as you can go if you're looking for a new Harley-Davidson. In fact, it's by far the cheapest bike in the range. Far be it from us to accuse the factory of dumping bikes onto the market as a desperate measure to draw in fresh blood. But the Milwaukee-based firm can't be making more than a fistful of dollars per motorcycle. Or can it? Either way, the 749cc liquid-cooled, Revolution X™ V-Twin is getting mostly favourable reports from early road testers. But it's a divisive bike, and the regular H-D crew so far ain't impressed.


The 6-speed Street 750 engine has a bore of 85mm and stroke of 66mm. Fuelling is via a 38mm Mikuni single port injector. It's a genuine Hog, but it's a Harley unlike any other. Check it out at Motorcycle Live 2015. Hall 2, Stand 2C20.



"Stylish" Victory luggage

"Ride in style. Tough meets timeless. This gear is designed to last, and built to ride."


Who the hell writes this crap? Well, Victory Motorcycles actually. They've told us about their new "stylish" luggage, so we're passing the word. But this stuff isn't stylish at all, even with a Victory logo. It's actually pretty grim looking (at worst) and run of the mill (at best). You can choose from a small backpack to a large backpack to an even larger piece of cabin luggage. But if you take any of this on a plane, you'd better pray it goes down before someone spots you toting it. Don't misunderstand us. We've got no gripe with Victory Motorcycles per se. The firm makes great bikes (go test ride one). But they can do better than these bags. Check 'em out.


Victory Motorcycles



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