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5th February 2016


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The Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1901 (correct Indian spelling of "Motocycle"). Red Wing Shoes was founded in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1905. Both firms have a long and proud manufacturing history; Red Wing with its military and domestic boots, and Indian with its military and domestic motorcycles. The current Indian Motorcycle Company owned by Polaris Industries, is now also based in Minnesota, so it was perhaps inevitable that the two heritage firms would sooner or later unite and lend their names and reputations to a joint branding exercise.


Well that exercise has now manifested itself in the shape of three new limited edition boot styles. The first is the Worthington. These are menís black pull-on boots named after Worthington Street in Springfield where "full scale Indian production began in 1902". These are your basic engineer-style boot, 11-inches high and "modified for Indian Motorcycle riders". The recommended price is $319.99.

The second boot is the Spirit Lake design. These are menís brown lace-ups. The name references the current Indian motorcycle production plant in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The boot is 8-inches high and claims "firm ankle protection" with a double layer leather toe cap for added protection. They're not exactly ideal for motorcycle use. But that's not the point. These boots, like the other designs, are intended to reinforce the Indian brand. They're priced at $319.99.


The third design is the Connelly. These are womenís engineer-style black pull-ons named after Catherine Connelly who was an early Indian customer and a high profile champion of the brand during the depression era. The price is $319.99.


We should mention that it's not clear in which countries this footwear is available. And we're probably doing these boots an injustice. The press description of features was considerable, but life is too short to relate it all. Suffice to say that these look like very high quality boots befitting a quality American motorcycle manufacturer. Talk to your Indian dealer if you're interested, or check the link below.




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