OtoK electric bicycle

11th November 2015


Lithium ion | Barcelona | Spain | Brooks


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Otok electric bicycle

You need to go to Barcelona, Spain to watch herds of these Oto electric bicycles in the wild. Or maybe not herds, but the numbers are apparently steadily growing. This is the OtoK model. There's a lithium-ion battery in the dummy fuel tank. There's a 36V 500W brushless motor in the rear hub (that, we're told, returns 52Nm of torque). And you can hit up 35kph if you keep your head low. The weight is 25kgs. That's a Brooks saddle at the rear. There are pedals for when the juice runs out. And the price for this model is 2,685. They're not new. But as we said, they're gaining ground. Maybe it would be a good idea for Triumph to get in on this burgeoning market, perhaps with a small Cub model. Might help build that all-important brand loyalty and start people off on the right pedal. Agree?





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