Matchless Silver Hawk Video

Rare bird from the 1930s




Take a ride with Pat Gill on his Matchless Silver Hawk - a survivor of the golden age of motorcycling. Just look at the specifications: 593cc; air-cooled V4; bevel driven OHC; four-speeds; linked brakes; girder forks; hand-change; and rear suspension.


This rare and beautiful, if flawed, British classic superbike failed to sell in significant numbers. But as an example of 1930s British industrial exuberance, it's hard to equal, let alone beat. The pioneering Collier Brothers really pushed the envelope and took a huge commercial risk with this fabulous bike. Read about Pat's Matchless Silver Arrow.


The video was filmed with a budget camera and edited with budget software - but we think we got away with it.


Music courtesy of James Pearson and the Ronnie Scott All Stars.




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