Triumph Trident T150 Video

The Meriden Triumph T150 - an underrated classic




The Meriden Triumph T150 is a hugely underrated British classic motorcycle, and the bikes are still available at very persuasive prices. Currently overshadowed by the Rocket Three, the later T160, and the Triumph Hurricane, we think the common or garden variety Triumph T150 warrants a closer look.

This restored model was supplied by Phil Clarke of Clarkes Classics. It's pretty much a standard UK/Euro model, but with western handlebars to suit Phil's tastes.


Lately we've been hanging around in the neighbourhood of classic bike dealer Phil Clarke's oversized shed and eyeing up the merchandise and compiling wish lists. Phil's fairly local to us, so it's natural enough that we might want to graze on his pasture. You can check it out via the link below. And if you like the bike, you can make Phil an offer. The Trident isn't actually for sale. But he's a bike dealer. He's persuadable.

It's August 2013, by the way. So if you're reading this at any time in the significantly distant future, the bike's probably gone and we're all long dead. But the chances are that even in the 91st century, or whatever, Tridents are still undervalued. So try one and buy one. They're both a treat and a torment.

The music is "15 Steps" by the Stranglers. Buy their album "Giants". We've "spoiled" the music a little with some wonderful Trident engine noise. But their album isn't spoiled. Hope you enjoy it.




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